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Universal Audio - Apollo Heritage Edition


• Shape world-class recordings with a curated bundle of top UAD plug‑ins

• Get complete plug-in Collections from Teletronix, Helios, Pultec, and more
• Inject rich analog warmth into your mixes with the world's best hardware emulations

The new Apollo Heritage Editions deliver a premium software suite of 5 or 10 award-winning UAD plug‑ins titles — including the full Collections from Teletronix,® Fairchild,® Pultec,® Helios,® and UA — conveniently packaged at significant savings.

These are the same UAD plug‑ins that built UA’s reputation for analog modeling over the past decade — including vintage compressors, EQs, mic preamps, and reverb — giving you the most accurate library of classic analog emulations anywhere, right out of the box (learn more).

Universal Audio - Apollo Heritage Edition - Plugin Collections

Apollo Desktop* Heritage Edition - incl. a Plug‑In Bundle worth €1345 !

With 5 premium UAD plug-in titles – UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection, Pultec® Passive EQ Collection, UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection and UA Pure Plate Reverb.

* Apollo x4 is included in the Rackmount Apollo Heritage Edition category.

Universal Audio

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Universal Audio

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Apollo Rackmount Heritage Edition - incl. a Plug‑In Bundle worth €2490 !

With 10 premium UAD plug-in titles - UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection, Pultec® Passive EQ Collection, Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection, UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection, Teletronix LA-3A Audio Leveler, Helios® Type 69 Preamp & EQ Collection, V76 Preamplifier, UA Oxide Tape Recorder and UA Pure Plate Reverb.

Universal Audio

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Universal Audio

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Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

The LA-2A is the first-choice compressor for sublime optical tube compression. This collection gives you three landmark plug‑in versions of the classic Teletronix LA-2A hardware, perfect for smooth dynamics control of vocals, bass, drums and more. (LEARN MORE)

Pultec Passive EQ Collection
Pultec passive tube-based equalizers are the gold standard in warm, musical equalization. This collection gives you all three Pultec equalizers with their uncanny boosting and tightening effects — especially ideal on vocals, bass guitar, and kick drums. (LEARN MORE)

1176 Classic Limiter Collection
The 1176 is many producers' “desert island” compressor — adding its signature character and ultra-fast FET limiting to create punchy drums, platinum-sounding vocals, and fat bass, guitar, and keyboard tracks. This Collection gives you access to three distinct 1176 emulations, and is widely regarded as the world's most authentic 1176 plug‑in collection. (LEARN MORE)

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection
Born in the 1950s, Fairchilds are extremely rare and coveted audio compressors. From the flagship 670, a stereo compressor that injects vibe and color to your stereo bus, to the smaller 660 — perfect for adding power to piano, bass, and guitar — this collection offers the same silky sonics that helped shape records by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and countless Motown artists. (LEARN MORE)

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection
UA's iconic 610 tube preamps offer rich harmonic detail and warmth, making everything they touch feel instantly "classic." The Unison-enabled 610-A and 610-B models in this collection let you craft vocal, guitar, and bass tracks with the presence, warmth, and body heard on records ranging from Ray Charles to Arcade Fire to Van Halen. (LEARN MORE)

Helios Type 69 Preamp & EQ Collection
The Helios Type 69 Console was the desk employed to record masterpieces by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and more. This stunning plug‑in collection lets you shape your tracks with legendary Type 69 midrange push, and tweak low-end character with uniquely voiced low-frequency boost and cut filters.  (LEARN MORE)

V76 Preamplifier
Based on a classic German tube mic preamp developed more than 70 years ago, the V76 Preamplifier plug‑in gives you an amazingly rich tone with gentle shaping that's perfect for nearly every source — vocals, acoustic guitars, strings, drums, or bass — and is Unison-enabled for use with Apollo interfaces. (LEARN MORE)

Oxide Tape Recorder
Easily inject the warm color, punchy low-end response, and cohesion of large format analog tape recording to your tracks with Oxide Tape Recorder plug-in. Simple Input/Output controls, 7.5 and 15 IPS Tape Speed selection, and two emphasis curves let you quickly call up colorful and extremely authentic tape textures. (LEARN MORE)

Teletronix LA3A Audio Leveler
A "secret weapon" capable of moving sounds right to the front of your speakers, this solid-state electro‑optical compressor lets you easily add energy and harmonics to vocals and acoustic guitars, make snare drums pop out of the mix, and add grit and texture to bass guitar and soft synths. (LEARN MORE)

Pure Plate Reverb
Easily add natural depth and shimmer with UA's renowned plate reverb modeling. Pure Plate Reverb lets you quickly harness the organic sound of this classic effect on vocals, guitars, strings, and synths, giving you a lush, satisfying space that gently flatters any source. (LEARN MORE)

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