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Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung XXL

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Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung XXL Product Image
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Easy sheet music for guitar, ukulele and voice, children's songs, music book, ISBN: 9783795723798.  All product info

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Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung

Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Schott Music
  • Genre: Various genres
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Medium: Music book
  • Language: German
  • ...
£ 18.50

Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung

Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Schott Music
  • Composer: Various
  • Genre: Various genres
  • Instrument: Ukulele
  • Medium: Music book
  • ...
£ 18.50

Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Klavier

Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Klavier Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Schott Music
  • Composer: Various
  • Genre: Various genres
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Medium: Music book
  • ...
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£ 25.00
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Product information - Schott Music - Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung

113 children's songs for voice and guitar or ukulele

Music is one of the most proven pedagogical tools. It animates, soothes or distracts and, through its captivating nature, increases the children's zest for life. Singing along triggers enthusiasm and represents a valuable and instructive method. Learning content, such as the ABC song, as well as rhythm or language development, is practiced in a playful manner using children's songs. Singing together also increases social interaction. The children's songbook for old and young XXL is arranged for voice, guitar or ukulele. The guitar is a popular accompanying instrument for communal singing. In addition, the ukulele has also established itself as an extremely popular musical instrument of many musical genres. Its South Pacific sound comes across well in numerous genres, lending a character that is both interesting and refreshing.

With its 113 songs, this book offers a comprehensive opportunity for engagement. In addition to traditional children's songs, it also contains well-known songs from film, radio and TV, as well as the most popular songs by songwriters such as Rolf Zuckowski, Fredrik Vahle, Detlev Jöcker, Reinhard Lakomy and Wolfgang Hering. The lyrics are complemented by the necessary chords and accompaniment patterns for guitar and ukulele and are at an easy difficulty level. Besides, the edition has a learning effect, because indicated plucking patterns lead to folk picking. Ideal for the program in the nursery or at home. Illustrations for coloring and numerous instructions for participation increase the fun and make the activity versatile.

Particularly noteworthy is the large and practical format. Due to the spiral binding, the music book remains open. Since the songs are always illustrated on a maximum of two pages, the flow of play does not have to be interrupted by turning the pages. The large typeface is easy to recognize even at a greater distance. In addition, the table of contents is structured according to topics, which makes it much easier to find the songs.

A playlist with all songs is available on Spotify or Apple Music (113 children's songs for old and young).

Absolutely practical and varied.


  • Foreword
  • 1, 2, 3 in a rush
  • A ram sam sam
  • Abc, the cat ran in the snow
  • Oh, how tired I am (The wake-up song) (Detlev Jöcker)
  • All children learn to read
  • All the people
  • All my ducklings
  • All the birds are already here
  • Anne coffee pot (Fredrik Vahle)
  • On the wall, on the lookout
  • A cuckoo sat on a tree
  • There was a fire at Müller's
  • Benjamin Blümchen (theme song)
  • Brother Jacob
  • Little brother, come dance with me
  • The woods are already colorful
  • The ABC song
  • The Flummilied (Detlev Jöcker)
  • The cat dance (Fredrik Vahle)
  • The crocodile on the Nile
  • The song about me
  • The song of the caterpillar glutton
  • The red horse
  • Autumn is here
  • The cuckoo and the donkey
  • The moon has risen
  • The, the, the (from "Sesame Street")
  • The monkeys race through the forest
  • Maya the bee (Karel Gott)
  • The year clock (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • The fastest mouse in Mexico (from "Speedy Gonzales")
  • The bird wedding
  • Sleeping Beauty was a beautiful child
  • You there on the radio (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • A hole is in the bucket
  • A little man stands in the forest
  • A pug came into the kitchen
  • A tailor caught a mouse
  • An island with two mountains (from "Jim Knopf and Lukas the locomotive driver")
  • First comes the sun beetle daddy
  • There goes a Zipfelmütz
  • There dances a Bi-Ba-Butzemann
  • There was a mother
  • Fox, you have stolen the goose
  • Five little fishes
  • Green, green, green are all my clothes
  • Good evening, good night
  • I have an aunt from Morocco
  • Hello, hello, I'm glad you're here
  • Little Hansel
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Happy Birthday to You
  • Bunny in the pit
  • Today there's a party at the frogs in the lake
  • Hey, Pippi Longstocking (theme song)
  • Higgelty, Piggelty, Pop and Pooh (Fredrik Vahle)
  • Do you hear the earthworms coughing?
  • I am the little jumping jack
  • I am a fat dancing bear
  • I walk with my lantern
  • I love the spring
  • I give you a rainbow
  • I wish I were like you (from "The Jungle Book")
  • You leaves, will you dance
  • In my little apple
  • Now we're going over the lake
  • Children's courage song
  • Little bunny wanted to go for a walk
  • A bird came flying
  • Come on, let's walk with lanterns (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • Head and shoulders, knee and foot
  • Cuckoo, cuckoo, calling from the forest
  • Kiss song (from "The dream magic tree") (Reinhard Lakomy)
  • La-Le-Lu (Heinz Rühmann)
  • Lantern, lantern
  • Laurentia, dear Laurentia mine
  • Leo Lausemaus (theme song)
  • My hat, it has three corners
  • My hands have disappeared
  • My mommy (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • My grandma rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop
  • Nessaja (from "Tabaluga") (Peter Maffay)
  • Oh dear Augustin
  • Old MacDonald has a farm
  • Penguin song
  • Try it with Gemütlichkeit (from "The Jungle Book")
  • Rain song (from "The Dream Magic Tree") (Reinhard Lakomy)
  • Sandman song (from "Our Sandman")
  • Saint Martin
  • Sleep, little child, sleep
  • Lullaby for Anne (Fredrik Vahle)
  • Schubidua dance (Wolfgang Hering)
  • Star catcher (Wolfgang Hering)
  • Nudge, the little easter bunny (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • Hum, hum, hum
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialegetic (from "Mary Poppins")
  • Thaler, thaler, you must wander
  • Theo (The banana bread song) (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • Tschu Tschu wah: The railroad (Volker Rosin)
  • And who is born in January
  • Good luck and many blessings
  • What kind of trees must these be
  • Do you know how many stars
  • When the moon shines (Felicitas Woll)
  • When you are happy
  • Who sees the rainbow (Reinhard Lakomy)
  • Who has the most beautiful sheep
  • Who wants to see hardworking craftsmen
  • How wonderful that you were born (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • Winter children (Rolf Zuckowski)
  • Ten little fidgeters
  • Show me your feet
  • Two long snakes (Wolfgang Hering)
  • Table of contents by topic
  • Explanation of characters


  • Manufacturer: Schott Music
  • Genre: Various genres
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Medium: Music book
  • Language: German
  • Difficulty: Light (1-2)
  • Arrangement: Guitar and Vocals
  • With Sheet Music: Yes
  • With Tabulature: No
  • CD: No
  • DVD: No
  • Download: No
  • Number of Pages: 184
  • Editor: Sebastian Müller
  • Qualities 1: Spiral binding
  • Publishing Number: ED 23501
  • ISBN: 978-3-7957-2379-8
  • ISMN: 979-0-001-21440-7
Schott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung XXL Product ImageSchott Music Das Kinderliederbuch für Alt und Jung XXL
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£ 25.00
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