Shipping costs and delivery times for United States

All information about shipping can be found on our website.

Standard Delivery

Shipping duration 5-15 Days
Shipping Costs As a rule, we charge a delivery fee of $ 49.00 for shipping, which can only be determined after ordering. If the actual freight costs are too high, we may have to charge you an additional fee.
Cash on delivery shipment Not available to Ireland.
Maximum weight All items not labelled as bulk can be delivered with standard shipping.
Destination No restrictions. Time delays and problems with the package size can be found here.

Express Shipping

Shipping duration Delivery until 19:00 oclock of the next business day.
Shipping Costs For shipping, we charge an express delivery fee of $ 49.00.
Cash on delivery shipment If applicable, large payments can be spread over a number of parcels.
Maximum weight All products not classified as bulk goods can be sent via Express.
Destination No restrictions. Delays and problems with package sizes can be found here.