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Black Lion Audio AGB Compressor 2-Channel Comp/Liwither

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The Black Lion Audio AGB Compressor is based on the Neve 33609 and is a dual channel diode compressor and limiter in...  All product info

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Black Lion Audio AGB Compressor

The Black Lion Audio AGB Compressor is based on the Neve 33609 and is a dual channel diode compressor and limiter in a 2U rack-mountable chassis.

The AGB Compressor is quick, responsive compressor with a very low noise floor that is incredibly versatile and is as at home across entire drum busses as it is on single vocal channels.  At slower attack settings, the AGB Compressor provides smooth and controlled compression but pump up the speed of the attack and it can generate some truly stunning results, including 'rhythmic clicks and funky envelope trick'.

The AGB Compressor feautres a threshold range of -20dB to approx. +10dB, a ratio range of 1.5:1 to 6:1 and a release range of 100ms to 1.5 seconds, meaning it's range of applications is huge!  There is also addition 'Slow Attack', 'Key In' and Compress In' buttons which allow for further tweaking of the compressors performance.

On the limiter side, the AGB Compressor has threshold and release controls, 'Fast Attack' and 'Limit In' buttons, stereo link and makeup gain controls and gain reduction meters.

The Black Lion AGB Compressor is an all-rounder , designed to be an integral element in your signal chain and your go-to compressor for virtually any compression-related task.

The Black Lion AGB Compressor main features include:


  • Threshold:  -20dB to about +10dB
  • Ratio:  1.5:1 to 6:1
  • Release:  100ms to 1.5 seconds
  • Slow Attack:  Standard setting is fastest and is designed to catch transient spikes. When pushed in, the attack response time slows down by a factor of about 10 to compensate for slower moving parts like vocals.
  • Key In:  When pushed in, it switches the detector’s sample signal from the standard input signal to the “key input” jack on the back of the unit.
  • Compress In:  Engages the compressor.


  • Threshold:  +4 to +15dB:  This is post makeup gain, so raising the makeup gain can raise the level of the output signal enough trigger the limiter.
  • Release:  50ms to 600ms
  • Fast Attack:  Cuts the attack response time for the limiter in half.
  • Limit In:  Engages the limiter section. The limiter is triggered from the output, so the compressor section’s signal reduction will reduce the signal’s triggering of the limiter. The limiter can work without the compressor engaged, just as the compressor can still work without the limiter engaged.
  • Stereo Link:  Puts the unit into stereo mode. This runs both channels of compression and limiting from the detector in Channel 1. In link mode, Channel 1′s compressor and limiter settings control both channels. Input trim and makeup gain settings for each channel remain independent of each other.
  • Makeup Gain:  Compensates for the signal reduction from compression. Bypassing the compressor bypasses the makeup gain stage.
  • Gain Reduction Meters:  Monitors the amount of signal reduction by both the compression stage and the limiter stage. In stereo mode, both meters will track the same because both are triggering from Channel 1′s detector circuit.
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