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iZotope Ozone Elements (Download)

Artículo: PCM0014698-000
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The iZotope Ozone Elements (Download) is a powerful mastering suite of plug-ins, giving producers a complete production tool-kit.  Toda la información del producto

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Ozone Elements (Download)

iZotope Ozone Elements (Download) Mastering Plug-In Software

The iZotope Ozone Elements (Download) is the stripped-down and essential version of the celebrated tool-set used in mastering. An elegant and intuitive design, alongside an improved workflow, makes the integrated mastering software essential options in high-quality audio processing. Imager, Maximizer and EQ modules are available, with sufficient parameters for all conceivable situations. Among the new features are performance improvements, e.g. track referencing, which allows simple A/B comparisons with other tracks, or the Master Assistant, which analyses signals with its algorithm and provides mastering suggestions for streaming, CD and reference applications.

Master Assistant
New to Ozone is the Master Assistant, which analyses audio files and provides mastering suggestions. Many aspects are considered in order to offer a professional starting point for mastering. The intensity of the "intervention" can be determined or selected for which medium/situation is currently being produced (streaming, CD or reference). An intelligent algorithm changes EQ, Maximizer and Dynamics, while you can intervene at any time and optimize as desired. The Master Assistant is also able to search for comparison values from other audio files and apply them to your own mix.

Track Referencing
A/B comparison made easy - the track referencing of Ozone 8 allows you to compare up to 10x tracks in order to make the right adjustments to your own audio material. Ozone 8 automatically recognizes different song parts such as verses and choruses, so you get to the result faster.

Master Assistant in Ozone 8

The main features of the iZotope Ozone Elements (Download) include:

  • Introductory Mastering Plug-In Suite
  • 3x Mastering Processors: Maximizer, Imager & EQ
  • Pre-Sets & Intuitive Controls
  • Audition Panel
  • Customizable Signal Chain

System Requirements:
Ozone works both as a stand-alone program and as a suite of plug-ins.

  • Mac: OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion - 10.14 Mojave
  • PC: Win XP (32-bit Service Pack 3) - Win 10

Plug-In Formats:
AAX (64-bit), AU, RTAS (32-bit), VST, VST3

Tutorial: Getting Started with Ozone 8



  • fabricante: iZotope
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