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Casio GP-400 BK Celviano

Artigo: EPI0000907-000
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The beginning of a new era The Casio GP-400 combines the best features of digital and acoustic pianos in one instrument an...  Todas as informações do produto

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Casio GP-400 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano

Casio GP-400

The beginning of a new era

Casio GP-400 combines the best features of digital and acoustic pianos in one instrument and the
development of the Grand Hyprid digital piano is based on 30 years of experience Casio has gained in the field of digital sound generation
The materials and manufacturing processes of the keyboard are the same as those traditionally used for C. Bechstein grand pianos, but with an innovative hammer mechanism and a wooden keyboard designed according to the principle of a concert grand piano mechanism, three legendary grand pianos - their sound character can now be experienced true to the original.

Berlin Grand

A balanced, elegant sound that goes perfectly with impressionistic music. It is distinguished by its clear sound spectrum over the entire range.

Hamburg Grand

A brilliant, clear sound. Pianists love its manifold possibilities of expression. Well suited for different styles and genres.

Vienna Grand

Remarkable because of its impressive depths. Thanks to its warm tone, it is ideal for both gentle and powerful playing. Ideal for classical music.

Casio GP-400
Full sound with additional effects

Play with typical sounds of the different epochs

The Casio GP-400 offers an additional function with which sound scenes can be selected or created. The piano sound, an appropriate reverb simulation and other effects can be selected and saved. Casio offers various preset scenes for inspration. The diverse settings allow you to immerse yourself in different epochs of music history. The Air Grand Sound Source was developed by CASIO to authentically recreate every detail of the sound of a concert grand piano, and the exclusive Grand Accoustic System, with 6 loudspeakers, adds a new dimension to your playing. The Celviano Grand Hybrid uses a high-quality amplifier system with six loudspeakers and creates a three-dimensional sound impression as we know it from acoustic concert grand pianos.

Casio GP-400

Wooden Grand Piano Keys

The materials and manufacturing processes of the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid's Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard are the same as those traditionally used for concert pianos. The acrylic and phenolic surface contributes significantly to the playing comfort of the musician.

Grand Hammer Action

The "Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard" reproduces the mechanical principles of a concert grand piano keyboard. In order to reproduce the keystroke realistically, CASIO has reanalyzed the grand piano mechanism. The result is a newly developed mechanism built according to the same principles as a concert grand piano.

concert play

The "Contert Play" function of the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid gives you the role of a solo pianist in a concert. Play with a symphony orchestra. The sound system provides the complete orchestra accompaniment. Works by Chakovsky, Pachelbel, Smetana and other composers are at your disposal. To make practicing easier, the tempo of these pieces can be slowed down.

Warranty extension

Register your digital piano online and get an extended warranty from 2 to 5 years

Casio GP-400 Garantie


  • Nome da cor: Black
  • Superfície: Opaco
  • Construção/número de teclas: 88
  • Ação de martelo: Yes
  • Sensível à velocidade: Yes
  • Geração de som: Digital
  • Curva de Velocidade Ajustável: Yes
  • Visor: Yes
  • Interface MIDI USB: Yes
  • Ligação de Auscultador: Yes
  • Opções de suporte: MIDI and Audio Recorder
  • Unidade de Armazenamento: USB Stick
  • Altifalantes: Yes
  • Interface MIDI: Yes
  • incl. Transformador: Yes
  • Processador de efeitos integrado: Yes
  • Divisão de teclado: Yes
  • Alimentação: Adapter, external
  • Versão: Pedal triplo
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