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Tiptop Audio Grain de Folie

Artigo: SYN0005171-000
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The Z-DSP from Tiptop is an open source DSP for the modular system and can exchange various programs with the help of specia...  Todas as informações do produto

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Tiptop Audio Grain de Slide

Z-DSP Cartridge

The Z-DSP from Tiptop is an open source DSP for the modular system and can exchange various programs with the help of special plug-in cards. The main focus of this effect card (Grain de Folie) is on granular synthesis.

The Granular Synthesis makes use of existing sound material in bits and pieces and puts it together into something new. By combining many such grains of different length, amplitude, pitch and speed, the wildest sounds are created, which only hint at the original sound.

In connection with the Z-DSP, this means that a memory block must have digital samples ready for playback. The Z-DSP has a one-second memory capacity for audio material in process. The grains are picked from this audio buffer, modified and played back in small portions. The number of grains determines how dense the output sound sounds. The available programs have three, four, or six grains ready to play. Each grain comes from a random point of the audio buffer and has an independent envelope control to change the duration. The envelope duration is called grain size.

"Grain de Folie" can be translated roughly as"grains of madness", which aptly describes the peculiar process of disassembly and reassembly. The French expression "avoir un grain de folie" also describes a human behaviour that does not comply with the convention. What could better describe the unpredictable nature of this set of algorithms?

Grain de slide algorithms:

  • Program 1: Four Spread Grains 1
  • Program 2: Four Spread Grains 2
  • Program 3: Pitch Modulated Grains 1
  • Program 4: Pitch Modulated Grains 2
  • Program 5: Three Pitched Grains
  • Program 6: Six Grains Stereo
  • Program 7: Three Flying Grains
  • Program 8: Three Modulated Grains


  • Fabricante: Tiptop Audio
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