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Alesis Crimson II Kit E-Drum Set

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The Alesis Crimson II Kit is a professional nine-piece e-drum set with high-quality workmanship and many features that make pra...  Вся информация о товаре

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Alesis Crimson II Kit E-Drum Set

Nine-piece e-drum set from Alesis with mesh heads and professional module

The Alesis Crimson II Kit is a professional nine-piece e-drum set with high-quality workmanship and many features that make practicing and playing drums much more comfortable. Equipped with an advanced drum module and a chrome-plated heavy-duty drum rack, it also meets higher requirements. The typical red drum pads are covered with mesh heads, which have a realistic playing feeling and hardly emit any volume to the outside. The Crimson II module has an incredible 671 sounds and 120 practice sounds stored in memory. You can also import your own samples and songs via USB to trigger completely new drum kits and sounds.


Great design - Authentic feel

The Alesis Crimson II Kit is a high-quality nine-piece electronic drum kit with the exclusive Alesis Dual-Zone Mesh Drumheads (U.S. Patent 9,424,827), which allows modern drummers an incomparable degree of realistic feel and expressiveness.

Ultra-quiet mesh heads with fine adjustment provide an absolutely realistic feel with great rebound. Designed for the stage and studio, the high-quality Crimson II kit comes complete with five drum pads (2 x 8" toms, 10" tom, 12" snare pad and 8" bass drum), four cymbals (12" hi-hat, 2 x 12" crash and a 14" three-zone ride) and the heavy-duty chrome rack that withstands all demands. All pads come in extremely noble look in the unmistakable Crimson red, which are modeled after an acoustic drum set.

Packed with sounds and functions

The included Crimson II module has 74 drum kits (54 factory + 20 users) with over 671 first-class sounds and 120 play-alongs built in. To improve your own drum skills, the module has a built-in metronome and a 3.5 mm jack aux input for practicing with your favourite songs. The internal songs can be played at a tempo of your choice. With the integrated recording function you can check your drumming at any time afterwards. Equipped with headphone output, jack outputs and a USB-MIDI output, the Crimson II Kit is prepared for any situation.

Ultimate freedom of sound

A great highlight of the Crimson II module is the integrated USB input, with which you can load your own .wav or .mp3 samples. Existing kits can be extended with their own sounds and loops or completely new sound worlds can be created via the intuitive operating menu. It is also possible to load play-along tracks here.

Crimson II Kit - an overview

  • Ultra-quiet, tightly woven mesh heads with great feel
  • 8" Kick Drum, 12" Dual-Zone Snare, two 8" Dual-Zone Rack Toms and 10" Dual-Zone Floor Tom in red drum design
  • Four-piece cymbal set with 12" hi-hat, two 12" crash with choke and 14" three-zone ride
  • Crimson II module with 74 kits (default: 54, freely adjustable: 20) and 671 sounds
  • Loads own samples and tracks for accompaniment via USB connection (WAV/MP3)
  • Real-time recording possible (5 tracks internally, up to 99 tracks via USB stick)
  • USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instruments and recording software
  • High-quality, 4-legged chrome rack and double-braced snare drum stand
  • All connecting cables and installation wrenches are included in the scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

  • Snare: 12" Dual-Zone Mesh Snare Pad
  • Tom 1: 8" Dual-Zone Mesh Tom Pad
  • Tom 2: 8" Dual-Zone Mesh Tom Pad
  • Tom 3: 10" Dual-Zone Mesh Tom Pad
  • Bass Drum: 8" Mesh Kick Pad
  • Crash 1: 12" cymbal with choke
  • Crash 2: 12" cymbal with choke
  • Ride: 14" 3-zone ride
  • Hi-Hat: 12" Cymbal Hi-Hat Pad
  • Snare stand
  • Drum rack

Highlights Crimson II Module

  • 671 high-quality drum & percussion sounds
  • 74 drum sets (default: 54, freely adjustable: 20)
  • Simple, intuitive editing of the kits
  • Load your own sounds & loops via USB
  • 120 songs, percussion patterns and special effects
  • Built-in metronome and aux input


  • Производитель: Alesis
  • Количество барабанных установок: 74
  • Количество звуков: 671
  • Функция записи: Да
  • Компрессор: Да
  • Внутренние эффекты: Да
  • Количесвтво звуков перкуссии: 671
  • Количество предустановленных аппликатур: 120
  • Количество пользовательских аппликатур: 5
  • Дисплей: Да
  • USB Memory Song Player: Да
  • Выход мастер-шины: Да
  • Количество сквозных выходов: 2
  • Цифровой выход: Да
  • Подключение наушников: Да
  • Педаль в комплекте: Нет
  • Встроенный метроном: Да
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