Denis Wick Practice Mute DW5532

Товар: BLA0002642-000
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Practice mute for piccolo trumpet, material: high quality aluminum, color: black lacquered, foam ring, intonation scattering.  Вся информация о товаре

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Информация о продукте - Denis Wick DW 5532 Practice

Practice mute for piccolo trumpet

Denis Wick mutes have been sought after by professionals for decades. The intonation remains unchanged and thus preserved when playing music. The DW 5532 practice mute is interesting for all trumpet players who can not play loudly when practicing. Whether in the apartment, in the hotel, on business trips or camping. Another advantage is the increased playing resistance in the fortissimo range. The player's throat is opened wider. This trains and improves breath support and tone quality. This practice mute is of interest to students and professionals alike.

The Denis Wick DW 5532 Practice:

  • DW 5532 practice mute For piccolo trumpet
  • Material: high quality aluminum
  • Color: black lacquered
  • Foam ring
  • Intonation scatter


  • Производитель: Denis Wick
Denis Wick Practice Mute DW5532 Изображение товараDenis Wick Practice Mute DW5532
28,00 €

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