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Fame DP-8600 BT WH Digitalpiano

Товар: EPI0001022-000
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The Fame DP-8600 is a digital piano with hammer action and a weighted keyboard. The instrument offers a very natural pi...  Вся информация о товаре

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Fame DP-8600 BT Black Digital Piano

Fame DP-8600 BT Black Digital Piano Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Fame
  • Цвет: Черный
  • Поверхность: Матовый
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 88
  • Hammer Action: Да
  • ...
586,60 €
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586,60 € прибл. 52.465,50 руб.
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Fame DP-8600 BT WH Complete - Set

631,16 €
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Digital Piano white
Fame DP-8600 WH Digitalpiano

The Fame DP-8600 is a digital piano with hammer action and a weighted keyboard. The instrument offers a very natural piano sound, which will inspire not only beginners in piano playing. In addition, the DP-8600 offers a choice of different tones and piano accompaniments. The DP-8600 has a very valuable case. To prevent the keyboard from getting dusty, a cover can be pulled out to cover the keyboard well.

A natural playing feeling thanks to hammer action with dynamics

With the Fame DP-8600 you have the feeling from the first moment to sit at a piano. The digital piano has 88 keys, which are equipped with a hammer mechanism. In addition, the keyboard has very good dynamics. Play the keys harder to make them louder, or softer to make them quieter. The DP-8600 will respond to every stroke of your game.

Fame DP-8600 WH

Simple operation thanks to a display

Simple operation with an OLED DOT Matrix display

The DP-8600 is very easy to operate thanks to the good and clear user interface. All important functions are additionally shown in the central OLED DOT Matrix display. This gives you full control over all settings of the digital piano at all times.

Natural piano sound and other sounds for all music styles

The heart of the Fame DP-8600 is its excellent piano sound. This sound was recorded with a lot of love and in all subtleties and is therefore optimally reproduced. In addition, the digital piano offers a choice of 50 sounds that can also be combined or used in split mode.

Twinova! The ideal function for teaching

In Twinova mode, the keyboard is divided into two sections, each with the same pitch and timbre. This function is ideal for piano lessons in particular, as both teachers and pupils can play the same passages side by side. This in turn leads to faster and better learning success.

Fame DP-8600 WH Digitalpiano

Piano accompaniment for easy practice

Piano accompanist arranger!

Anyone who wants to play hits and evergreens in addition to classical music usually has a problem. It requires long practice to play a good accompaniment with the left hand to modern pieces. With the built-in piano arranger, however, it's quite simple. If, for example, you want to play a boogie woogie, select the appropriate style, press a chord with your left hand and the arranger will conjure up a perfect boogie woogie accompaniment. Then play the melody with your right hand and you're ready to go. The same goes naturally also with Swing and many further rhythms. Your listeners will be amazed because you play like a modern bar pianist.

By the way, you shouldn't compare this arranger with the accompaniment automatics of keyboards in which whole orchestras or bands play along. This is only about a piano accompaniment that fits the piano much better. These pianos are often bought for children to practice on. With the Fame DP-8600, however, parents also have a lot to gain from the instrument. If you are out of practice and no longer have the confidence to play the piano, you can sit back at the piano and play your favourite melodies thanks to the arranger. You will be thrilled!

Powerful speaker and amplifier system

Good loudspeakers and a powerful amplifier are decisive for a good sound in a digital piano. The Fame DP-8600 is equipped with 2 woofers with 40 Watt power and 2 tweeters with 10 Watt power. This makes the entire sound of the piano not only very powerful, but also rich, full and natural.

USB port and line input directly on the surface

The Fame DP-8600 is equipped with a recording function. You can record your ideas or exercises comfortably on the integrated audio recorder. The Digital Piano is equipped with a USB interface so that no data is lost. And here, too, everything has been thought of. Unlike many other pianos, you don't have to grab behind the piano to use the USB port. The USB interface and the line-in input are easily accessible directly on the digital piano behind the music stand. It has never been easier to connect an iPad to a digital piano. You can also easily record all recorded audio data to a USB stick or an external storage medium and, of course, play it back there as well.


  • Производитель: Fame
  • Цвет: Белый
  • Поверхность: Матовый
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 88
  • Hammer Action: Да
  • чувствительный к скорости: Да
  • Генерация звука: Цифровой
  • Аранжировщик стилей: Да
  • Арпеджиатор: Нет
  • Регулируемая скорость вращения: Да
  • Дисплей: Да
  • USB MIDI интерфэйс: Да
  • USB-аудио интерфэйс: Да
  • Подключение наушников: Да
  • Варианты крепления: MIDI и аудио рекордер
  • Сэмплер: Нет
  • Хранилище медиа-файлов: USB Stick
  • Громкоговорители: Да
  • MIDI интерфэйс: Да
  • Линейный вход: Да
  • Линейный выход: Да
  • Входной разъем для микрофона: Нет
  • Адаптер питания в комплекте: Да
  • Вес (кг): 59
  • Процессор встроенных эффектов: Нет
  • Количество звуков: 173
  • Количество стилей: 50
  • Полифония: 256
  • Разделение клавиатуры: Да
  • Адаптер питания: Адаптер, внутренний
  • Высота (см): 91
  • Ширина (см): 140
  • Глубина (см): 49,2
  • Amplifier Output (Watt): 2 x 25
Fame DP-8600 BT WH Digitalpiano Изображение товараFame DP-8600 BT WH Digitalpiano
586,60 €
684,90 €
586,60 €
586,60 €
418,50 €
301,70 €

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