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Fame SP-2 88-Note Stage Piano (White)

Товар: KEY0005494-000
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Beautiful stage piano with hammer action keyboard, 20 watt stereo speakers and 192 voice polyphony.  Вся информация о товаре

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Fame SP-2 88-Note Stage Piano (Black)

Fame SP-2 88-Note Stage Piano (Black) Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Fame
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 88
  • Keyboard: Hammer action
  • чувствительный к скорости: Да
  • Генерация звука: Цифровой
  • ...
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  • Онлайн
  • БОЛЕЕ 3000 ВИДЕО
  • 3 ГОДА
  • 55.000 ТОВАРОВ

Информация о продукте - Fame SP-2 BW

Great entry level stage piano

SP-2 front

Fame SP-2 BW at a glance:

  • Stage piano
  • Hammer action keyboard
  • 88 keys
  • 192 voices
  • 2x 20 Watt Stereo loudspeaker
  • 25 sounds
  • 50 accompaniment rhythms
  • 100 songs
  • Metronome (30-280 BPM)
  • Reverb & Chorus effects
  • Layer, Split and Dual mode
  • 1 user song storable
  • USB audio
  • Expandable with Fame ST430 stand
SP-2 lateral

The Fame SP-2 BW is a very beautiful stage piano with a weighted 88-key hammer action keyboard and a powerful 20-watt Stereo speaker system. The well-playable instrument is aimed at beginners as well as professionals and convinces 25 different sounds, which can be refined with reverb and Chorus effects if necessary and cover numerous styles.

Something for everyone

The heart of every instrument is of course the sound generation. In the SP-2, a powerful processor works with long samples, the quality of which one would rather expect in higher price ranges. A total of five piano, four electric piano, five keyboard, six synthesizer and five other sounds are available. Sonically, the sounds cover a wide range that appeals to classical pianists as well as jazz and band keyboardists. In addition, pressing the Damper pedal simulates the acoustic behaviour of the pedal of a real piano.

High polyphony

The high polyphony of 192 voices is especially useful for experienced players who play faster or when two people play the instrument. The different keyboard modes Layer, Split and Dual are also useful here. With them you can play two sounds at the same time, split the keyboard or distribute two sounds on two keyboard areas.

Mobility and accompaniment

50 rhythms and a metronome with a tempo range of 30-280 BPM help with daily practice. A song library with 100 stored songs to play along with keeps things fun on the side. Weighing only 12.5 kg, the SP-2 is also very portable. All in all a very successful stage piano from Fame!

Expandable with design stand

The SP-2 BW can be expanded with the separately available design stand Fame ST430, which allows the stage piano to blend in well with the living room or Studio. The keyboard stand, which is precisely matched to the dimensions of the SP-2, gives the instrument a secure hold and the keyboard player a comfortable posture while playing. In addition, the ST430 stand has an integrated, smooth-running triple pedal for sustain, Soft and sostenuto.

The beginner digital piano - Fame SP 2 - MUSIC STORE

Fame - SP-2 Audio Demos


  • Производитель: Fame
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 88
  • Keyboard: Hammer action
  • чувствительный к скорости: Да
  • Генерация звука: Цифровой
  • Регулируемая скорость вращения: Да
  • Количество регуляторов: 2
  • USB MIDI интерфейс: Да
  • Подключение наушников: Да
  • Подключеие педали сустейна: Да
  • Варианты крепления: MIDI-линейный секвенсор
  • Громкоговорители: Да
  • MIDI интерфейс: Да
  • Линейный вход: Да
  • Линейный выход: Да
  • Адаптер питания в комплекте: Да
  • Педаль в комплекте: Да
  • Вес (кг): 12,5
  • Кнопки с подсветкой: Да
  • Процессор встроенных эффектов: Да
  • Количество звуков: 25
  • Количество стилей: 50
  • Полифония: 192
  • Разделение клавиатуры: Да
  • Адаптер питания: Адаптер, внешний
  • Ширина (см): 136,5
  • Высота (см): 13,4
  • Глубина (см): 36,6
  • Amplifier Output (Watt): 2 x 20
Fame SP-2 88-Note Stage Piano (White) Изображение товараFame SP-2 88-Note Stage Piano (White)
502,50 €
335,30 €
360,50 €
318,50 €
186,60 €

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