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Keith McMillen Bop Pad

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The BopPad by Keith McMillen Instruments is a portable, electronic drum pad for drummers, percussionists and producers. It dete...  Вся информация о товаре

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Keith McMillen Bop Pad

Electronic drum pad with USB interface for unlimited sounds

The BopPad by Keith McMillen Instruments is a portable, electronic drum pad for drummers, percussionists and producers. It detects precise stops (with latency below 3 milliseconds!), speed, position and pressure sensitivity, which are converted into controller data (CC). Here 4 independently programmable zones are available, which can be assigned with a multitude of sounds. For example, you can make the BopPad sound like a classic drum by assigning only one sound to the whole surface. Or you can simply assemble a classic drum kit by assigning the desired sound to each zone (e.g. Kick, Snare, Hat, Tom). The connection is made via micro-USB cable to the computer, tablet or midi expander.


Compactness and flexibility

It responds to the finest nuances of drumming thanks to its extremely wide dynamic range and accurate touch detection. So everything is possible, from light hand drumming, over mallet play, up to fast and harder variations with sticks! With the BopPad you have the possibility to play not only normal drumsets, but also trigger samples, sound effects, pads and even chords. It can also be used as a traditional exercise pad with a realistic feel.

Thanks to its practical size and robustness, the BopPad is easy to transport. So you can let your creativity and joy of playing run free at any place, whether on stage, in the studio or even outdoors. A durable, tuned elastomer surface covers a 10" circle using patented Smart Fabric Sensor technology to give the player a realistic feel and a new dimension of expressivity.

The BopPad works with any MIDI-enabled software or DAW. Alternatively, a web editor and a software editor with an unlimited number of presets are available.

BopPad - an overview

  • Manufacturer: Keith McMillen Instruments
  • portable, electronic drum pad
  • 4 independently programmable regions
  • velocity and pressure sensitive
  • Micro USB cable for connection to computer, tablet or KMI MIDI expander
  • Web editor and software editor
  • Size: 10" (270 x 270 x 10 mm)
  • Weight: 1000 g


  • Производитель: Keith McMillen
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