Martin Guitars HD-28L Lefthand Standard Series

Товар: GIT0002974-000
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Acoustic guitar, left-handed, D-14 fret dreadnought, Sitka-spruce top, rosewood body, ebony fingerboard, herringbone binding  Вся информация о товаре

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Martin Guitars HD-28 Standard Series Natural

Martin Guitars HD-28 Standard Series Natural Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Martin Guitars
  • Серия: Standard
  • Дизайн: 14-ладов Dreadnought
  • Вырез: Нет
  • Топ: Sitka Spruce
  • ...
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  • Онлайн
  • БОЛЕЕ 3000 ВИДЕО
  • 3 ГОДА
  • 55.000 ТОВАРОВ

Информация о продукте - Martin HD-28L Lefthand

Solid dreadnought acoustic guitar for left-handers with herringbone binding and including case

The Martin HD-28L Lefthand has been one of the most sought-after dreadnought models of the traditional U.S. manufacturer from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, since the late 1970s and impresses with its solid tonewoods that produce a powerful sound that unfolds quickly and over a wide area thanks to a flat forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing. This makes the instrument perfect for expressive strumming and vocal accompaniment. Its noble high-gloss finish accentuates the fine grain of the woods in a very tasteful way and gives the HD-28L the timeless, visual touch that has inspired musicians all over the world to this day. The Dreadnought acoustic guitar comes with a sturdy molded hardshell case.

A top made of Sitka spruce for clear frequencies

In order to elicit bright and defined tones from the rather large dreadnought build, the manufacturer installs a fine-grained Sitka spruce top on the Martin HD-28L, which is easily recognizable by its fine, opposite flaming. In combination with a flat forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing, the instrument produces a fast-responding sound that fades out long-lasting in the overtones. The top wood is framed by an elaborate herringbone binding, which on the one hand justifies the "H" in the name and on the other hand represents an aesthetic contrast to the other components of the body. The soundhole is edged with a multi-stripe rosette, which perfectly rounds off the overall appearance with its simple charm and in combination with a generous tortoise pickguard

Clear and powerful bass thanks to East Indian rosewood.

Especially for its expressive bass frequencies, the HD-28L is very popular with singer/songwriter guitarists. That's why the fold-out back made of East Indian rosewood perfectly complements the sound of the Dreadnought acoustic guitar. Divided by a finely structured back stripe, the straight grain of the high-quality tropical wood is perfectly accentuated and makes clear that a careful selection of the woods still plays a decisive role in the almost 200-year-old company. The frame is delineated with a delicate, multi-layered Antique White binding that seamlessly transitions into the corresponding endpiece inlay. Finished with a wafer-thin high-gloss finish, the dark and light brown stripes of the grain gently contrast with each other, depending on the angle of view, so that the visual potential of the wood is fully exploited.  

Neck and Hardware for unbeatable playing comfort.

For the neck construction, the manufacturer relies on selected hardwoods ( Select Hardwood ), which perfectly stand up to the string tension of the 6 steel strings. So it is possible to equip the neck with a quite flat Modified-Low-Oval-Profile. This guarantees a particularly obliging grip in all 20 frets, which are set into an ebony fingerboard marked with filigree Diamonds-and-Squares inlays. In addition, a compensated bridge inlay and 44.5mm wide bone nut ensure clean intonation throughout the 645mm scale. Open Schaller nickel tuners are set into the characteristic headstock, which is decorated with an Old Script overlay. With their fine transmission, they allow for extremely precise tuning of the strings. A sturdy molded hardshell case is included to protect the all-around successful instrument.

The Martin HD-28L Lefthand at a glance:

  • Full-solid D-14 fret Western guitar.
  • Sitka spruce top with forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing
  • East Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Herringbone binding and Multi-Ply binding in Antique-White
  • Select Hardwood neck with ebony fingerboard and abalone diamonds-and-squares inlays
  • Compensated bone saddle and nut
  • Tortoise pickguard and multi-stripe soundhole rosette
  • Open Schaller nickel tuners
  • Highgloss finish
  • Molded hardshell case included

Комплектность поставки:

  • Кейс в комплекте: Да


  • Серия: Standard
  • Дизайн: 14-ладов Dreadnought
  • Вырез: Нет
  • Топ: Ель
  • Верхняя дека из массива: Да
  • Покрытие передней деки: Глянцевый
  • Bracing: Forward Shifted X-Bracing
  • Задняя дека и обечайки: Палисандр
  • Задняя дека и обечайки из массива: Да
  • Покрытие задней деки и обечаек: Глянцевый
  • Окантовка: Herringbone
  • Гриф: Отборная древесина лиственных пород
  • Профиль грифа: Modified Low Oval
  • Накладка грифа: Черное дерево
  • Inlays: Abalone Diamonds and Squares
  • Тип верхнего порожка: Кость
  • Бридж: Ebony
  • Bridge Inlay: Кость, компенсированная
  • Колки: Open Gear
  • Фурнитура: Никель
  • Конфигурация звукоснимателей: Нет
  • Тюнер: Нет
  • Rosette: Multi-Stripe
  • Пикгард: Tortoise
  • Бобышки бриджа: Пластик
  • Цвет: Natural
  • Кейс в комплекте: Да
  • Чехол в комплекте: Нет
Martin Guitars HD-28L Lefthand Standard Series Изображение товараMartin Guitars HD-28L Lefthand Standard Series
3.612,60 €
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3.024,40 €
3.024,40 €
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