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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR

Товар: DJE0006950-000
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The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR is a 2-channel all-in-one DJ system designed for use with the Rekordbox DJ music management software.  Вся информация о товаре

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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR

2-channel all-in-one DJ system for rekordbox

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR is a 2-channel all-in-one 7" full colour Rekordbox DJ system with the familiar layout and features of the Club standard NXS2 setup. This lightweight and easy-to-carry DJ controller comes with the professional performance software Rekordbox DJ, so you can start mixing right away once connected to a PC or Mac. The DJ - XDJ-RR offers 2x USB ports to play back tracks directly from a storage device, allowing you to work without a computer.

The mixer section features professional FX (such as Beat FX and Sound Color FX) whilst the pads below the jog wheels provide access to performance features such as hot cues, beat loop, slip loop and beat jump. Thanks to its all-in-one design, this compact DJ flagship model is quick and easy to set up. All in all, the Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RR is the perfect standalone DJ system that paves the way for entry-level DJs to access the club scene, providing a perfect, compact home setup for professional DJs as well.

Rear View

Layout & Features

The Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RR has not only the layout of the professional flagship multi-player CDJ-2000NXS2 and the professional mixer DJM-900NXS2, but also various features and FX. You can play tracks analysed by Rekordbox directly from a USB storage device or connect the DJ controller to a PC/Mac and use Rekordbox DJ.


7" Full-Colour Display
The 7" full colour display allows you to quickly and intuitively search and select your tracks. The user interface and the large rotary selector are taken from the CDJ-2000NXS2 multi-player. All track information, such as playback position, BPM, and waveforms, is always in view.

Performance Controller
The Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RR is equipped with various controllers and performance features to customise your DJ sets:
Hot Cues - This feature allows you to create live remixes by marking different points in a track from which playback starts immediately.
Beat Loop - This option allows you to define a section of a track as a loop while automatically setting the loop end based on the BPM. For even more creative performances, loops can be changed on the fly.
Slip Loop - If this feature is active, the track will continue to run inaudibly in the background as soon as you scratch or use other performance features. When you're done, you can return to the track that will automatically continue to run in the right place.
Beat Jump - This function allows you to change the arrangement of a track by jumping a selectable number of beats forward or backward.

Angle View

2x USB A Ports, 1x USB B Port
The Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RR's USB ports provide a seamless DJ experience by allowing you to connect two USB drives simultaneously via the two USB A jacks on the top panel. The USB-B port on the rear panel allows you to connect a PC/Mac.

Top Down

Lightweight Transport
Thanks to its light weight and compact design, the DJ - XDJ-RR is very easy to transport. The all-in-one DJ system weighs 43% less than the Pioneer DJ - XDJ-RX2 and is therefore ultra-mobile, therefore the optimal solution to take him to a party or to a gig.

Special note for the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR
The software included with this purchase carries a licence key, and the software is intrinsically linked to the hardware. Due to this fact we are sadly unable to offer our standard 30-day right of return, as the item cannot be transferred to a new buyer. We recommend that, upon purchase, you do not register your software but instead download the 30-day trial version from the Pioneer DJ website. This way you retain the 30-day right of return when purchasing.

The main features of the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR include:

  • All-in-One DJ System for Rekordbox DJ
  • Layout & Features from the Club Standard NXS2
  • 20Hz-20kHz Frequency Response
  • 2x USB A Ports & 1x USB B Port
  • 7" Full-Colour Display
  • Performance Controller: Hot Cues, Beat Loop, Slip Loop, Beat Jump
  • Mixer Section with Professional FX
  • Lightweight & Convenient to Transport
  • All-in-One Design
  • External Audio Input
  • Link Export Mode for Rekordbox DJ
  • Rekordbox DJ Software Included
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 625 x 74.2 x 388.5mm
  • Weight: 0.3kg

Pioneer XDJ-RR

Комплектность поставки:

  • Програмное обеспечение: Rekordbox DJ


  • Производитель: Pioneer DJ
  • CD-привод: Нет
  • Slot in drive: Нет
  • Поддержка МР3: Да
  • Вход USB: Да
  • Цифровой выход: Нет
  • Master Tempo: Да
  • совместимый с MIDI: Да
  • HID совместимый: Да
  • Подключение по сети LAN: Нет
  • Слот для SD-карт памяти: Нет
  • Функции лупера: Да
  • Тактовая синхронизация: Да
  • Функция реверса: Нет
  • Програмное обеспечение: Rekordbox DJ
  • Цвет: Черный
  • Ширина (мм): 625
  • Высота (мм): 74,2
  • Глубина (мм): 388,5
  • Вес (кг): 5,2
  • Встроенный микрофон: Нет
  • Количество входов PHONO: 0
  • количество микрофонных входов: 1
  • Колчество входов: 1
  • Симметричные выходы: Да
  • Эквалайзеры: 3-х полосный
  • Фильтр: Да
  • Внутренние эффекты: Да
  • Кроссфэйдер: Да
  • Сменный кроссфэйдер: Нет
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