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Sabian HH Pandora Ride 24" Big and Ugly

Товар: DRU0031902-000
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The Sabian HH Pandora Ride Cymbal Raw is a 24" ride, made of B20 bronze, that is hand hammered, with a raw fini...  Вся информация о товаре

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SABIAN HH Pandora Ride

The Sabian HH Pandora Ride Cymbal Raw is a 24" ride, made of B20 bronze, that is hand hammered, with a raw finish. "Big and Ugly” is the motto under which the Canadian manufacturer Sabian is launching a line of unique, altered Ride cymbals originally from various other series'. The defining characteristic of these cymbals is the raw, somewhat dirty appearance, as well as the dark, dynamic and complex sound character typical of all of the "Big and Ugly" cymbal models. The "Pandora” Ride is part of the HH series.

According to Sabian, the Pandora ride is the musical equivalent to opening Pandora's box: the only difference is that you don't have to open this box twice in order to get everything out of them, because the sound character of these Ride Cymbals unfolds the classic cymbal sound straightaway. The medium weighted and middle dark tone positions right between the HH King and HH Nova Ride and is perfectly suited above all for lovers of "Blue” notes. This cymbal produces a relatively dark dry complex sound, very well suited for blues.

The main features of the Sabian HH Pandora Ride Cymbal Raw include:

  • Size: 24"
  • Material: B20 bronze
  • Hand-hammered
  • Finish: Raw
  • Sound: Relatively dark; dry, complex; very well suited for blues


  • Производитель: Sabian
  • Размер (в дюймах): 24
  • Сплав: B20 Бронза
  • Ручная ковка: Да
  • Покрытие: Натуральный
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