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Wersi PERGAMON OAX1000 pearly white

Товар: KEY0004476-000
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The WERSI brand stands for the extraordinary - in terms of musicality, technology and, last but not least, design. No other ins...  Вся информация о товаре

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Wersi PERGAMON OAX1000 Schwarz Metallic

Wersi PERGAMON OAX1000 Schwarz Metallic Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Wersi
  • Ширина (см): 138,0
  • Высота (см): 115,0
  • Глубина (см): 158,0
33.529,40 €
прибл. 2.460.571,78 руб.
33.529,40 € прибл. 2.460.571,78 руб.
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3 Manual Organ – Pearl White

The WERSI brand stands for the extraordinary - in terms of musicality, technology and, last but not least, design. No other instrument is capable of underlining WERSI's leadership in international organ building just as convincingly as the new WERSI PERGAMON OAX1000. The sound experience you can expect from the OAX1000 is as convincing, and breathtaking as its appearance. WERSI enjoys a tradition of combining quantum leaps in technology in instrument building. In 1976 it was the galaxy, the Atlantis SN3 in 1989, the LOUVRE in 2001 and today it is the PERGAMON OAX1000.


The EASY PLAY Concept

When the instrument is switched on, only the most important controls are displayed. In fact, everything is shown as it is on the instrument itself. First, the Total Preset, with which you can change everything with the push of a button. Then the upper manual and the lower manual plus the bass and accompaniment. Tap a sound on the control panel and a page opens with the corresponding instruments. As on a modern smartphone, you can "move" the registers. The same applies to the lower manual, the bass and the accompaniment sections. You will be amazed that you can use the PERGAMON in EASY-MODE without a manual! Tap a tab twice, then another control panel will appear on the display, but only the one you need at that moment. Simply great to use and you can enjoy the great sound of the instruments without struggling with large manuals.

Naturally, you can also switch the PERGAMON into the professional mode if you want to put more than three sounds on top of each other. Then everything becomes more extensive - but still not witchcraft. The new PROFI-MODE allows you to distribute up to 16 timbres on the manuals as well as many other settings.


  • Производитель: Wersi
  • Ширина (см): 138,0
  • Высота (см): 115,0
  • Глубина (см): 158,0
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