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J & D JM-40 SBL See Thru Blue
P-90 Single Coils & Vintage-Style Floating Tremolo
€ 150.30
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Fame ARU-03 Wireless System
Compact radio transmitter system
€ 59.00
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J & D LS500 BKS Black Sunburst
Singlecut electric guitar with set neck
€ 241.00
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Your Guitar World at MUSIC STORE professional

Whether you're just starting out on the guitar or you're searching for the refined sound of a custom-made electric guitar or a vintage guitar:

At MUSIC STORE professional, we have just the right thing for you. Our guitar department at Istanbulstraße 22-26 / 51103 in Cologne is a paradise for everyone who wants to discover or deepen their passion for guitars.

Our Wide Range of Guitar Models

From the gentle acoustic guitar to the powerful electric guitar, from the traditional classical guitar to the sturdy western guitar - our selection is impressive. But that's not all. For those who prefer the sound of electric guitars like the Strat, Tele, or Les Paul, we also offer models from renowned brands. Our collection also includes special variants such as ukuleles, banjos, and travel guitars.

Shop Online at MUSIC STORE

Browse through our online shop to find detailed product information and videos. And when you decide to buy a guitar, you'll benefit from our 30-day return guarantee.


Quality Assurance and Customer Service

Before a guitar leaves our store, our team of experts ensures that it is in perfect condition. Our technicians and luthiers check everything - from string action to electronics, to neck curvature. And if you're on-site, you can benefit from our guitar workshop's complimentary guitar setup service.

Learn with Us - MUSIC STORE TV

Our video tutorials on MUSIC STORE TV make it especially easy for beginners to get started. In these tutorials, Fips relies on solid instruments and affordable accessories from Fame, Music Store, and Red Hill, impressively demonstrating that comprehensive and beginner-friendly equipment with good sound does not have to cost a fortune!

Which Guitar Fits You?

Do you want to play an acoustic guitar? Our classical guitars with nylon strings are ideal for classical and flamenco music. If you prefer a rockier sound, a steel-string acoustic guitar might be right for you.

The Fascination of the Electric Guitar: Sound, Style, and Expression

Electric guitars have revolutionized the music scene and are at the heart of many legendary songs and genres, from rock and blues to jazz and metal. Unlike acoustic guitars, electric guitars use magnetic pickups to convert the string vibrations into electrical signals, which are then amplified by a guitar amplifier. This allows for a wide range of sound effects and settings. The design, construction, and pickups used significantly influence an electric guitar's sound. Whether you prefer the warm and round tone of a semi-hollow guitar or the sharp and powerful sound of a solid-body guitar, at MUSIC STORE, you will certainly find the instrument that fits your style and expression. The electric guitar is not just an instrument but a means of expression that allows you to convey your musical vision and emotions with every note.

Your One-Stop-Shop for All Things Guitar

In addition to guitars, we also offer a wide variety of guitar amplifiers, effect units, strings, and more. Everything you need to play your guitar can be found with us.

Modern Technology for Guitarists

From modeling amps to desktop interfaces, our modern devices simulate the entire signal path for an authentic sound experience. Test out devices from leading brands such as Kemper, Roland, and Vox.

Amplify Your Electric Guitar Sound

The sound of your electric guitar greatly depends on your guitar amplifier. Here, you will find everything from the classic Fender amp to modern high-gain amplifiers from brands like Mesa Boogie or Bugera.

Guitar Effects: Sound Variety and Creative Expansion

Guitar effects are essential tools that guitarists use to shape and personalize their sound. From distortion and overdrive, which define the classic rock and metal tone, to modulation effects like chorus, phaser, and flanger that add depth and movement to the sound. Delay and reverb, in turn, expand the spatial sound horizon and can be used both subtly and dominantly.

Special Amplifiers for Acoustic Guitars

Electro-acoustic guitars require special acoustic guitar amplifiers. Brands like Marshall, Yamaha, and AER offer amplifiers that are specifically designed for the sound of acoustic guitars.

Top-Notch Guitar Accessories for Enthusiastic Musicians

For every guitarist, whether a beginner or a professional, the right accessories are just as important as the instrument itself. At MUSIC STORE, you'll find a wide range of high-quality guitar accessories that will enrich your music experience. From sturdy guitar bags and cases that protect your instrument, to a variety of strings for acoustic, electric, and classical guitars, to capos, picks, and guitar straps of various designs. Our selection of tuners and maintenance products ensures that your guitar is always in top shape and delivering its best sound. For those who want to record or amplify their music, we also offer an excellent selection of pickups and microphones specifically for guitars. Get advice from our expert staff and discover the perfect accessories that meet your individual needs!