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Sheet Music

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In the sheet music section we have a wide range of songbooks, textbooks and reference books from renowned publishers such as Hal Leonard, Bosworth Music, AMA Verlag, Edition Dux, Alfred Music, Schott Music and many more.

For fans and educators

You will find numerous songbooks of different artists, bands, genres like rock, pop, folk etc. and themes like Christmas songs for almost every musical instrument and for all ages. These are designed differently. A songbook contains lyrics and (depending on the instrument) sheet music, guitar chords, piano chords or even guitar tabs. In addition, the pieces are arranged at different levels of difficulty, allowing every fan to play the songs of their idols, regardless of whether he or she is a beginner or already advanced - from easy to difficult, everything is there. Often, songbooks and teaching material also come with CDs, DVDs or downloads that offer support for learning or include playback versions with full instrumentation for the complete sound experience.

Songbooks are also educationally useful items, because playing cover versions of well-known songs is ideal for playing together in a beginners' band or for the fun factor in instrumental lessons. There are also numerous songbooks available for working with children with well-known children's songs for guitar, ukulele, piano and other instruments to accompany singing.

Learning to play musical instruments for everyone

Our range also includes various textbooks suitable for teaching or even self-study. These range from books and music games for early music education, which teach basics such as reading music and other theoretical and practical basics, to lesson and song books for beginners of an instrument, to books for advanced students who want to further develop their knowledge and skills. The publishers work with experienced music teachers and musicians to ensure excellent didactic skills. Some textbooks are accompanied by separately available songbooks that contain compositions adapted to the respective level as well as chart hits and other well-known songs and best-of hits. Such songbooks make lessons practical and varied. In order to open the door to the world of music for the youngest, publishers are also developing special teaching books for children, which give young musicians an age-appropriate and easy introduction to their instrument. We carry sheet music and textbooks for:

More auditory or very practically oriented types of learners will also find instructions and textbooks exclusively on DVD or CD. The books are often accompanied by media containing playback versions, play-alongs or full versions. This way, the theory learned in the book can be put into practice directly.

Music theory? Absolutely!

Even though intuition and practical experience in music are decisive, a certain amount of theoretical knowledge is crucial, because it makes practising and implementation quicker. Of course, the balance between theory and practice is important. We therefore have products that support you in learning notes, understanding rhythms and more. These are suitable for beginners, who can thus easily create a solid basis for learning their instrument, but also for advanced students who either want to brush up on the basics or turn to trickier topics to write challenging songs themselves.

The right accessories

Of course, practical accessories are also indispensable when it comes to sheet music.

In order to avoid paper clutter and annoying searches for sheet music, we offer practical and elegant-looking music folders in which teaching material and song sheets can be easily and gently stored and which always keep everything at hand for lessons or rehearsals.
Furthermore, you will find music books, blank tabulator for guitar and paper with diagram fields of a keyboard for piano. These are ideal for lesson notes or writing down your own pieces and songs.

Specialist books for stage, recording and business

Professional stage performances require a lot more than high-quality instruments and musical skills. For this purpose, we carry textbooks on event technology that provide knowledge of the mechanics regarding the planning and execution of the various disciplines in order to ensure a smooth show and, above all, safety. The knowledge taught in manuals on lighting technology also paves the way to a show with great effects.

Recording music also needs to be learned, because a bad recording or a faulty mix will cause the music to lose some of its magic. Therefore, it is highly advisable for anyone who wants to produce professionally and at a high level to risk a look at the manuals. A balanced mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical experience will lead to success much faster.

Last but not least, it is of high importance to understand how the music industry works. In order to avoid legal disputes and also to achieve commercial success, we carry books that inform about labels and music publishers, promotion/booking/management, copyright and contracts, GEMA/GVL, online business and much more.

Music history and biographies

For those who want to know exactly and love books, we also have publications on the history of music. Music is a phenomenon that has always been important in the history of civilisation and always will be. Countless epochs, styles and songs have influenced people throughout time and are able to enchant, outrage, stimulate thought and evoke a whole range of emotions. And wouldn't every musician and music lover like to know what their passion has already been able to achieve and how diverse it is?
Even literature is not neglected. If you want to learn more about your idol, we have biographies of various celebrities that give an exciting insight into their life stories and paths to fame. For example, you can find out how Jimi Hendrix, the icon of the rock electric guitar, or Elton John with his sensitive songs on the piano conquered the stages of the world and discover which personalities are lurking behind the spotlight.