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CAGED, the school of Gil Beckers, teaches step by step the knowledge to understand, to recognize and to master the fingerboa...  All product info

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AMA Publishing House CAGED

Master of the Fretboard

CAGED, the school of Gil Beckers, teaches step by step the knowledge to understand, to recognize and to master the fingerboard and its harmonic connections. This book is suitable for young people and adults who want to approach this topic either in self-study or with a teacher.

The textbook covers all church keys (Doric, Phrygian, etc.) as well as major and minor pentatonic. In each chapter there is a general description of the scales, different licks and a jam track. In the final chapter, the possible combinations of different modes are introduced and practiced.


  • CHAPTER 1 - Overview of the scales and their structure
  • CHAPTER 2 - The magic number five and the idea of the CAGED system
  • 2.1 The five keynote boxes
  • 2.2 The five fingering patterns
  • 2.3 Five boxes and five patterns - The principle of the CAGED system
  • The following chapter structure:
  • Representation of the scale
  • Licks- and Jam-Track in ...
  • Combination Exercise
  • To the following scales
  • CHAPTER 3 - Ionian
  • CHAPTER 4 - Aeolian
  • CHAPTER 5 - Mixolydian
  • CHAPTER 6 - Doric
  • CHAPTER 7 - Lydian
  • CHAPTER 8 - Phrygian
  • CHAPTER 9 - Locrian
  • CHAPTER 10 - Minor pentatonic
  • 10.1 The Five Fingering Patterns of the Pentatonic
  • 10.3 Licks and Blues for Minor Pentatonic
  • CHAPTER 11 - Major Pentatonic
  • CHAPTER - Combination of the different modes
  • 12.1 Blues: Combination of minor and major pentatonic and Mixolydian
  • 12.2 Modal Interchange
  • 12.3 Chord sequence from Aeolian and Doric
  • 13 CHAPTER - Annex and material


  • Manufacturer: AMA Verlag
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Medium: Textbook
  • Vocals/Speech: German
  • Arrangement: Guitar
  • CD: Yes
  • DVD: No
  • CD-ROM: No
  • Download: No
  • Author: Gil Beckers
  • Publishing Number: 610349
  • ISBN: 978-3-89922-019-3
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