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Yamaha Genos officialy announced!

02.10.2017: Finally its official, The Yamaha Genos has been launched today. Many interesting, breakthrough features and an outstanding sound make the Yamaha Genos a true experience.

All information, images and prices for the Yamaha Genos can be found here:

Yamaha Genos

New era of digital workstation keyboards begins

With Genos, Yamaha promises to kick off an exciting new era of digital workstation keyboards. The first promotional video to the highly anticipated Yamaha Genos does not reveal a lot, but we can already tell that the new Digital Workstation Keyboard will present an over-worked user interface. In addition to six controllers, we can also look forward to nine fader sliders. Will it be possible to use drawbars for the real-time control of organ sounds, as well as mix functions? Autumn will be exciting - more coming soon!

Yamaha Genos – Video 2 is online

Let's continue with the countdown to Genos, Yamaha's new Digital Workstation Keyboard. As announced, the second video came online today on 15.09.2017. Not only worth seeing, but above all worth hearing! There is a new version of the '90s super hit Rhythm Is A Dancer from Snap  - newly orchestrated and produced by the Hamburg music producer Alex Christensen. It is a preview track from his upcoming album Classical 90s Dance, which he recorded with the support of The Berlin Orchestra (Source:
But what does all this have to do with the Yamaha Genos? We can only see the keyboard in the elaborately produced video very briefly, as it was apparently used in the production ... yes, or should it be possible even that we do not hear a real orchestra in the song? Were the beats and the fantastic sounding string arrangements made with the new Genos?!? Questions and questions ... we hope for answers soon in the next video about the Yamaha Genos, announced for 22.09.2017. To be continued ...

Genos or will there be a Yamaha Tyros 6?

One may assume that the new Yamaha Genos is a Tyros 5 successor. Similar to the Synthesizer Workstation Montage, which replaced the successful Motif series this last year, the Yamaha Arranger workstations also seem to be a new generation. In any case, the brief display functions highlighted in the second Genos-Video suggest an Arranger function.

From Entertainer Keyboard to Digital Workstation Keyboard

When it comes to Arranger workstations, Yamaha looks back on generations of extremely successful keyboards. The PSR-7000 was the first to take Yamaha's Portable Keyboards to a professional level. At the time, the focus was on solo entertainers, and under the motto "King of Entertainers", this Arranger Keyboard followed the PSR-9000, which was then to be replaced by Tyros. With every generation, Yamaha developed the Tyros series into a professional Arranger Workstation Keyboard. A concept that makes the Tyros a powerful musical instrument that hobby keyboarders as well as professional entertainers alike appreciate.