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Record Player

ART Dee Jay Pre II
Professional phono preamplifier for DJs
£ 59.00
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Reloop SPiN
Portable Turntable for Vinyl Lovers & Scratch Artists
£ 202.00
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Reloop RP-7000 MK2 Black
Quartz-controlled DJ turntable with upper-torque direct drive
£ 466.00
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Record Players at MUSIC STORE professional

Even today there are still many record players in various households and especially in the DJ scene turntables are still very popular. In recent times, the pressing and sale of real vinyl has increased again after years of decline and thanks to the invention of various DVS systems such as Final Scratch, Traktor or Serato, DJs can still feel and experience real vinyl feeling even in the new digital world. The HiFi purist and the pure music lover will certainly fall back on a belt-driven turntable. The DJ, however, demands more pulling power and therefore usually uses a direct-drive turntable so that scratches and interventions can be realised in real time. Turntables with an integrated USB interface are also becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to easily digitise your old vinyl collection... Whether you want to enjoy your music on the road or integrate old tracks into your digital DJ set.