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Fame Hard-Case Tweed (Electric Bass)
Fame Hard-Case Tweed for Electric Bass
£ 69.00
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J & D UK-BM1R Bass Ukulele
A high-quality and affordable bass ukulele
£ 122.00
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Hartke HD 25 Combo
25 watts of output power
£ 123.00
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The Bass Guitar Universe: Low-End Melodies and Rhythmic Grooves

Dive into the captivating world of bass guitars on our comprehensive musical instrument platform, DV247. Our online shop offers a diverse selection of bass guitars designed to cater to the musical needs of all bass enthusiasts.

Bass Guitars: The Heartbeat of Every Band

Bass guitars often remain the underappreciated cornerstone in music production. Their signature low-frequency tones provide a vital rhythmic and melodic foundation, offering balance to the soundscape and enhancing the harmony within a band. At DV247, we recognise and appreciate the unique role of the bass guitar, providing you with the tools to explore this fantastic instrument in all its depth.

An Extensive Selection of Bass Guitars

We pride ourselves on our broad selection of bass guitars, suitable for all levels of musicianship. From the 4-string beginner bass guitars to the more complex 5-string and 6-string variants for skilled players, we've got something for everyone. With models ranging from budget-conscious options for starters, to premium bass guitars for professional musicians, we cater to every need. Our stock includes electric and acoustic basses, fretless models, and left-handed bass guitars from renowned brands such as Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, and Yamaha.

Innovative Bass Guitar Technology and Design

Our collection of bass guitars showcases the latest technology and cutting-edge design in the field. You'll find bass guitars equipped with active pickups for amplified output and passive pickups for traditional tonal warmth. We also provide models with advanced preamp systems, delivering a spectrum of tonal capabilities. Be it rock, jazz, blues, or metal, we guarantee you'll discover a bass guitar that aligns with your musical aesthetic.

Comprehensive Range of Bass Guitar Accessories

Every great bass guitar needs its companion accessories. We've stocked everything from gig bags, cases, straps, cables, amplifiers to effect pedals. We also provide a wide array of learning materials for every stage of your musical journey. Moreover, our selection of bass guitar strings caters to every preference, be it flatwound strings for a nostalgic feel or roundwound for a punchy, bright tone.

Unrivalled Customer Support and Expertise

We are dedicated to excellent customer service, delivering a seamless shopping experience, and providing expert knowledge in the world of bass guitars. Our team of music professionals is on standby to help with all your queries, from bass guitar selection advice to other music-related concerns.

Discover the Powerful World of Bass Guitars with DV247

Unleash your musical prowess with the rhythm and melody of our exceptional range of bass guitars. Whether you're a budding musician or a seasoned professional, DV247 is your ultimate online destination for high-quality bass guitars. Experience the exciting journey of bass guitar playing with DV247, your reliable partner in music!

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