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Electric Guitar Sets

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Our electric guitar sets for beginners are specially designed to give you the best possible start in the world of the electric guitar.

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Our beginner-friendly electric guitar sets are specifically designed to provide the best possible start in the world of electric guitars. Each set includes a high-quality electric guitar perfectly suited for music lessons and provides all the necessary accessories to be well-prepared for lessons, rehearsals, and even first performances. A set is, therefore, the perfect foundation for beginners looking to follow in the footsteps of their music heroes!

What do I need to play electric guitar?

To play electric guitar, you'll first need an electric guitar itself. Additionally, an amplifier is required to amplify the electric sound of the guitar and is responsible for the typical electric guitar sound. The electric guitar is connected to the amplifier using a guitar cable. It's also recommended to purchase a guitar strap so you can play while standing. Depending on your playing style, picks may be important, as you use them to strike the strings. However, an essential tool is a tuner to ensure your guitar is well-tuned.

What do electric guitar sets offer?

Electric guitar sets essentially provide everything a newcomer needs for learning and practicing. Typically, a package consists of an electric guitar, an amplifier, and essential accessories such as cables, tuner, carrying bag, and often picks and a guitar strap. The goal is to get you started immediately without worrying about purchasing additional accessories. Moreover, these sets are usually more cost-effective than buying individual components. Sometimes, a small instructional book or guide is included to help you get started right away.