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Professional audio interfaces with new high-quality mic preamps

The compact audio interfaces in the Quantum series are perfect for all producers, sound engineers, sound designers and music enthusiasts in general who want to record instruments, vocals and ideas - whether at home or on the go! Thanks to the USB-C connection and intuitive operation, the interfaces can be used with your computer as well as with tablets or smartphones, while streamers, for example, can use the integrated loopback function.

High-quality audio drivers ensure recordings with extremely low latency so that you can concentrate fully on your performance. Thanks to the integrated Auto Gain function, you don't need to worry about incorrect volume settings when recording. Not only does this result in a faster workflow, but it also doesn't distract from your performance in hectic situations - ideal for spontaneous recordings wherever you're feeling creative!

To get you started right away, you get 6 or 12 months (depending on the model) access to Studio One+ and Studio One Professional, add-ons and more!