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Now Available: AMAZON PAY!

“Amazon Pay” makes shopping online easier and more comfortable, as it allows you to use the personal information already provided by your existing Amazon account to pay for and ship orders. You do not have to create any additional accounts and remember new login data and passwords for all kinds of different shops; all you need to do is login to your Amazon account. You already trust Amazon when shopping online, and now you can rely on that trust when shopping in our online shop. It is a secure and easy way to pay online.

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How does it work?

Put together your order as usual and then go to your shopping cart. In the cart you will find a new button with the label: “Pay with Amazon”. After clicking this button, you will be requested to provide the login details for your Amazon account. Then simply follow the additional steps of Amazon Pay.

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Security and Buyer Protection?

As soon as “Amazon Pay” is activated, a secure connection is made with Amazon automatically. The Login data of your Amazon account, your personal information and even the payment methods stored there are all encrypted and we are not able to access them. In addition, you automatically benefit from the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee (storage of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, etc.) and Amazon Buyer Protection. In the event that discrepancies do occur, these may be reported directly via your Amazon account.

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Guarantees, Shipping Costs etc.?

“Amazon Pay” has neither influence on our shipping rates, particularly their conditions, nor on our warranty and guarantee conditions. MUSIC STORE remains your contractual partner and is therefore also responsible for the smooth and reliable processing of your order. The purchase agreement is not completed with Amazon, but with MUSIC STORE professional GmbH as usual. Everything remains exactly the same for our customer except the payment method, particularly the check-out process.