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Behringer iNuke Power Amp Deal

Behringer's iNuke power amplifier series is characterized by its ability to deliver high and reliable power output at an extremely low weight. The carefully selected transistors of the circuits provide the iNuke power amplifiers with pulse fidelity, especially at low frequencies in combination with an efficient switching power supply. The sound quality of the power amplifiers is also unparalleled in this class! Light and powerful, the iNuke power amplifier series is the ideal solution for all those who want to combine power and maximum mobility. The iNuke models are available as versions with or without DSP, as well as a 4-channel version (without DSP). The high performance DSP includes an advanced delay, a crossover (3 filter types, up to 48 db/octave), an EQ (8 parametric, 2 dynamic), a dynamics section and security settings.



Item-Nr.: PAH0009388-000

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Item-Nr.: PAH0009389-000

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