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Bogner Amplification Deals
About: Reinhold Bogner and Jorg Dorschner are natural born explorers in all aspects of life, art and culture. Who knew their chance meeting as mere kids in Ulm, Germany would link their futures together as partners in Bogner Amplification. Both were restless and seeking adventure when their separate journeys began with a move to Los Angeles, CA., meeting again halfway around the world and creating Bogner Amplification. Since then, their world travels and excursions have lead visits to many continents, countries, cities and villages. All the people met, along with their cultures and customs, have made lasting impact and influence on Reinhold's and Jorg's souls, art and creative process. From these distant and far reaching journeys come Bogner Amplification's inspiring sonic creations. Each design is just as unique, intriguing and vibrant as Reinhold's and Jorg's lives. The sounds and feel are organic, colorful and real, just like the earth you walk upon. So plug in, turn up and explore….

Pedals with Rupert Neve Designs Transformer
Masterminds Reinhold Bogner and Mr. Rupert Neve have teamed up to produce superb audio-effects pedals that serve up rich, buttery tones, ultra-dynamic response and a stunning three-dimensional sound quality inspired by the classic mixing consoles of the 1960's. Each Transformer is unique and specifically designed to perfectly pair with the 100% analog audio circuit of each model.The Studio Series gives you the same sonic bliss featured with a Bubinga exotic hardwood top panel, reminiscent of the vintage mixing consoles from the 60's. Each panel is formed, sanded, layered and finished by hand. Products in this line include the Burnley, Harlow, Lyndhurst, Oxford and Wessex.