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NEW: From now on you can also add a video to your rating*

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You can either simply award stars out of 5 or you can write a short review. Customer reviews are not only helpful to buyers, they also help us improve our products.

NEW: From now on you can also add a video to your rating (*your own personal YouTube account required).

A simple mobile phone video is perfectly sufficient! All you have to do is upload the video to your YouTube account and then add the link to the video on our rating page.

As a courtesy for your efforts, your rating will automatically enter you into the monthly draw for a 1000€ voucher, three 100€ vouchers and 10 MUSIC STORE travel or laptop bags. Thank you very much. Your MUSIC STORE Team.

You can find the conditions of participation here!

And the winner is ...

Winners of January 2021:

Winners of February 2021:

Jörg Weingart
Uwe Stenger
Andreas Weiss
Ines Cremer-von Brachel
Rainer Zansinger
Tobias Hallmaier
Dimitri Reis
Marcel Schillings
Lars Bethge
Jochen Strohbeck
Herhard Rederer
Holger Gockel
Ilse Mayr-Lill
Rene Den Haan

Peter Heiser
Carolin Moldenhauer
Christoph Hillemanns
Gert Kürner
Ralf Russeler
Fabian Maier
Lutz Erdmann
Dirk Pfeil
Hans Dieter Amels
Nicolas Olivos
Gerhard Niemann
Lukas Reinhardt
Jakob Stratmann
Peter Rusmich

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