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J & D JM-40 SBL See Thru Blue
P-90 Single Coils & Vintage-Style Floating Tremolo
€ 159.00
ca. Ft 56,710.53
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MUSIC STORE Protective Case Eco [Electric Guitar] (Brown)
Electric guitar case with wooden core
€ 69.00
ca. Ft 24,610.23
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Fame ARU-03 Wireless System
Compact radio transmitter system
€ 59.00
ca. Ft 21,043.53
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J & D LS500 BKS Black Sunburst
Singlecut electric guitar with set neck
€ 255.10
ca. Ft 90,986.52
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Play Guitar: acoustic, electric, classic, modern

Start learning as a beginner or enjoy the fantastic sounds of custom shop and vintage guitars - in the guitar department of our shop (Chesham House, Chesham Cl, Romford RM7 7PJ), you will receive expert advice and help to find the instrument that best suits your needs. We stock a huge selection of guitars from brand-name manufacturers such as Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, PRS, Music Man, Godin, Charvel, Yamaha, Taylor, Martin, Furch, Maton, Larson, Seagull, Framus, J&D and Ortega. Whether acoustic classic or jumbo steel-string, modern electric 7 and 8 string or traditional electric guitar classics to ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, dobros or travel guitars, from entry-level instruments to handmade masterpieces – a huge selection of acoustic and electric string instruments are ready to be played and tested at MUSIC STORE professional. 

Buy Affordable Guitars Online

Regardless if acoustic or electric guitar: We have the right instrument for any taste and budget – come by and test the guitars yourself. In the Online Shop you can find important information about the instrument as well as product videos that will give you an impression of the look and sound of the instruments. Naturally, you can also buy your new guitar directly online, always at the lowest prices, securely and comfortably with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Everything you need to play guitar

You already have a guitar and now you need the right accessories? Guitar amplifiers, effect devices, modelling amps, strings, pickups, tuning parts, cables, strings, tubes or literature and DVDs are also available.

Play electric guitar – with the newest technology

The modern modelling amplifier is predestined– especially with high-gain electric guitar sounds - for unlimited joy at home and on the go. Modellers simulate the entire signal chain, from the instrument over the effects to the amplifier. Whether as a Floorboard, Desktop-Modeler, Combo-Amp, or High-End Amplifier Profiler, we have the right device for every budget. Current modellers deliver authentic guitar sounds, which also impress at very low, bedroom volumes or even over headphones. Come visit our shop and test our selection of Line 6, Yamaha, Boss, Zoom, Vox, Korg, Digitech and Kemper modelling amplifiers.

Play electric guitar with the right amp

The sound of an electric guitar is determined significantly by the amplifier it is connected to. The Online Shop offers a wide range of classic Fender-, Orange- or Marshall-Amp as well as historically inspired combos and modern high-gain amps from Mesa Boogie, EVH, Randall, Diezel, Engl, Hughes & Kettner, Fame, Laney, Blackstar and Bugera.

Buy guitar amplifiers for acoustic guitars

Even acoustic guitars can be amplified with neutral sound and highlighted with effects. Marshall, Yamaha, AER, Roland, Laney, Peavey, Acus, Schertler, Fishman, Behringer and Fame offer amplifier combos which are specially designed for the tonal characteristics of acoustic instruments. Next to an input for magnetic pickups, these amps also provide inputs for incredibly popular Piezo-ceramic pickups as well as microphone inputs.