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Digital mixing console, 48 input channels, 16 busse, 4 main outs, 8 matrix busses, 24 100mm faders, 10" touchscreen display  All product info

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Product information - Behringer Wing

30 Years in the making…

The Behringer Wing is a digital mixing console with 48 input channels, 16 stereo buses, 4 main outputs, 8 matrix buses, a user interface with 24 motorized 100mm faders and a 10" touchscreen display. The Behringer Wing is based on the successful Behringer X32 platform and extends the possibilities and ease of use in every aspect.

Behringer Wing

48 Mono/Stereo input channels

The digital mixer has 48 input channels. Each input channel can be connected to a main or alternative source. Each input signal is automatically used in mono or stereo, depending on the source mode. It is also no longer necessary to mix channels with a stereo pair. Each channel audio can then be sent to the busses or mains for mixing, or tapped individually to connect the outputs directly.

16 Stereobusses and 4 Main-Outs

The features also include 16 stereo buses and 4 main outputs. The 16 stereo buses are typically used for broadcast-like effect processing or monitor mixing and are often sent to one of the 4 main outputs. Both busses and mains can be sent to matrix, user signals or output destinations.

8 Matrix-Busses

An additional 8 Matrix buses can be sent to user signals or output destinations and are often used for sub- or zone-mixes.

24 faders, divided into 3 sections

The Behringer Wing impresses with a user interface of 24 motorized 100mm faders, divided into 3 fader sections, each equipped with BANK keys. The group of 12 faders on the left side of the console is labeled mainly for input channels, the group of 8 faders in the center typically controls buses and DCAs, and the small group of 4 faders on the right side is for main or matrix outputs. However, there are no restrictions on the configuration of the fader banks.

For a better overview each fader has a mini display, the so-called scribble strip. These screens show information about the current channel or bus number, the name and a graphical symbol to quickly recognize which channel is controlled by the fader and the corresponding keys. A color bar above the scribble strip also allows quick visual identification of groups of related channels.

Behringer Wing

10" touchscreen display

The most important operating elements of the Behringer Wing are processed or monitored via the 10" touchscreen display. The 7 operating keys on the left side of the screen can be used to access the various displays.

6 encoders at the bottom of the screen allow fine parameter setting of the displayed elements. An additional 7th encoder and a multifunction button on the right side of the screen can be used for context related control.

The navigation arrows and scrub wheel perform functions related to DAW control, USB audio and WING LIVE players. The scrub wheel can also fine-tune the values of the parameters assigned in the custom control user level while pressing the corresponding buttons.


In addition, the Behringer Wing offers a type A USB port on the left side of the touchscreen display for direct connection of a flash drive to the console for storing or loading data. For example, a backup of the show files can be created or a familiar setup can be imported. The USB connection also allows the recording and playback of audio files. The port can charge a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet.

The digital mixer also has special level controls for the headphone outputs and monitor outputs (which are set to Aux output 7/8 on the rear panel by default). The talkback microphone level can be adjusted using the TALK LEVEL knob, and the TALK A and B buttons send the talkback signal to different destinations. Either channel 40 or Aux 8 can be used as the input for the return channel.

Behringer Wing

Channel strip section

The built-in shannel strip provides quick access to the primary parameters for the currently selected channel. A display screen provides specific editing details for the parameter to be set, and various displays for input configuration, bus and group assignment, and measurement are visible at all times. One of 7-channel editing blocks (including EQ) can be sent directly to the editing screen by pressing the corresponding key or touching the capacitive knob directly above it.

4-channel section

The additional 4-channel section above the right fader section offers a special control area with 4 knobs, 4 control keys and parameter displays for e.g. gain, pan or filter. By pressing one of the 8 buttons, the 4 knobs and 4 control buttons can control the channel properties without selecting the channel for editing. This makes the 4-channel section independent of the main control surface.

Custom controls

The custom control allows up to 4 knobs and 8 control buttons to be configured to control specific items that should be available at all times regardless of the focus of the main screen. A common use could be the Reverb Send Level of the vocal channel. The presets can also be configured for different sets, venues, operators, etc.

Behringer Wing
Behringer Wing

Analog I/O

The rear panel analog connectors include 8 microphone preamps and 8 XLR outputs from the award-winning MIDAS PRO series as well as 8 balanced ¼" aux inputs and outputs. A single lamp connector accepts a standard 12V light. The 5-pin MIDI IN and OUT jacks provide external MIDI control, and 2 ¼" TRS jacks for GPIO provide basic input and output commands.

Behringer Wing


Ethernet ports allow you to build a network using a router for wired or wireless control with one of the control apps for PC, smartphone or tablet. A USB port enables bi-directional 48-channel transmission, firmware updates and data exchange. An ASIO driver can be downloaded from

A total of 3 AES50 ports can each provide up to 48 input and output channels to and from digital stageboxes, providing a large number of channels and allowing patching from multiple locations. The WING is fully compatible with all X32 series mixing consoles and stage boxes.

Finally, the Behringer Wing with StageCONNECT supports a proprietary connection for the transmission of up to 32 audio channels via standard XLR and DMX cables. The interface supports various bus configurations of input and output channels and uses digital, uncompressed PCM with 44.1/48 kHz and 24-bit resolution. StageCONNECT is designed for flexible connections on stage using standard microphone cables that support a wide range of stage boxes and monitoring systems with less than a millisecond latency. Stereo AES/EBU input and output connections can be made via XLR cables.

Expansion options

The Behringer Wing is delivered with the installed WING-LIVE card, which enables you to record up to 64 channels of 48 kHz / 32 bit audio on 2 SD or SDHC cards. Other options such as Dante, SoundGrid and MADI are also available.

Easier patching - even in the dark

In order to make patching easier even in dark locations, Behringer has thought of a Patchbay lighting system. On the back of the device there is an LED strip for better illumination of the connections.

Behringer Wing
Behringer Wing

The Behringer Wing:

  • 8 MIDAS PRO microphone preamps
  • 8 MIDAS PRO XLR outputs
  • 8 balanced 1/4" aux inputs and outputs
  • 24 motorized 100mm faders, divided into 3 sections
  • 16 stereo busses
  • 4 main outs
  • 8 matrix busses with dual inserts, 8-band parametric EQ, stereo image processor and dynamics processor
  • MIDI-In/Out
  • 10" touchscreen display
  • Up to 144 input and output signals with 3 AES50 ports
  • Additional 4 channel control system with 4 rotary knobs, operating keys and parameter display
  • "Custom Controls" with 8 operating keys and four rotary knobs for free assignments
  • Optional module for 64x64 channels via Ethernet - Support for Waves SoundGrid or Dante/AES67
  • 2 headphone jacks
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • 2x 1/4" TRS sockets for GPIO
  • KLARK Teknik SuperMAC technology
  • 48x48 channel USB 2.0 audio interface with DAW remote, emulates HUI and Mackie Control
  • Dual SD card live recorder/player for up to 64 tracks
  • Premium FX rack with 8 stereo processors and emulated effects from TC, Lexicon, Quantec and EMT
  • Standard FX rack with 8 additional stereo processors
  • 5 plug-in slots for all 40 stereo inputs
  • Insert FX slot and parametric 4-band equalizer for all 8 stereo aux
  • Built-in expansion port for additional audio interface boards, MADI and ADAT/WC
  • StageCONNECT low latency interface with 32 channels for monitoring
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 201x870x575mm
  • Weight: 24 kg


  • Manufacturer: Behringer
  • Stereo Channels: 48
  • Signal Processing: Digital
  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
  • Integrated Power Adapter: Yes
  • USB Input: Yes
  • Talkback: Yes
  • Symmetrical Outputs: Yes
  • APP control possible: Yes
  • Weight (kg): 24
Behringer WING Product ImageBehringer WING
€ 3,799.00
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€ 3,799.00
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