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Fame Audio - Orbital 208S - Stand Set

Complete studio monitor set, including stand and cable
  • Monitoring monitor for professional use
  • Suitable for recording, mixing and mastering in all genres
  • Perfect as a full-range monitor for home and project studios
  • Optimal basis also for multi-channel setups
  • Balanced frequency response
  • Clean stereo image
  • Fast transient response
  • High-quality 1" tweeter with artificial silk dome tweeter
  • Powerful 8" polypropylene woofer
  • Gridded volume potentiometer for fast, reproducible volume adjustment
  • Powerful Class-D bi-amping power amplifier
  • Limiter protects speakers from overloading
  • +2/0/-2dB treble EQ for treble cut or boost
  • 0/-2/-4dB Acoustic Space Desk filter to compensate for resonances
  • Total power in watts (RMS): 75 watts
  • Frequency range: 45 - 20,000 Hz
  • Inputs: 3-pin XLR, jack (TRS), RCA
  • Maximum sound pressure level (max. SPL in dB): 108
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 277 × 400 × 336 mm
  • Weight: 9,45 kg
  • Color: Black
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Fame Audio - Orbital 208S at a glance

The Fame Audio Orbital 208S is a nearfield monitor ideal for all stages of production in the modern recording studio, including recording, editing and mixing. With an 8-inch woofer, it delivers powerful bass and an unadulterated reproduction of the entire frequency spectrum. As a full-range speaker, it guarantees deep bass reproduction and sufficient sound level for a pleasant listening experience. Thanks to extremely low manufacturing tolerances and high signal fidelity, the 208S is suitable for professional use and multi-channel setups in Dolby Surround and Atmos format.

High-quality polypropylene woofer drivers ensure fast, precise bass and fundamental response, while the careful driver selection enables clear midrange reproduction, especially in the critical range between 200 and 400 Hz. A high-quality dome tweeter ensures distortion-free, transparent reproduction of the presence and treble range. Modern drivers with high efficiency do not require a high-performance power amplifier. Even the Orbital 205S achieves 102 dB SPL in the near field at 1 meter, sufficient for any workplace. The active crossover and the biamping power amplifier ensure a transparent crossover frequency at 2.7 kHz, which means that the overtone spectrum is transmitted naturally.

The speakers have instruments for adapting to different application scenarios, such as the Acoustic Space filter, which reduces masking effects in the mid-range, and the Treble EQ for adjusting the treble reproduction from 10 kHz. The Orbital speakers have a timeless, stylish and functional design. The front panel optimizes sound wave guidance and minimizes room resonances. Connections in balanced jack, XLR and unbalanced RCA format offer flexible connections to various audio sources, such as audio interfaces, DJ controllers and digital multi-effects.

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Cordial CFM 3 MV microphone cable
  • AWG 24
  • Conductor construction: 28 x 0,10
  • Material: CU bare
  • Conductor resistance: 85 Ohm/km
  • Shielding: Shielding of bare copper wires
  • Capacity: 95 pF/m
  • Diameter: 5,8 mm
  • Length: 3,0 m
  • Weight: 47 g/m
  • Conductor insulation: PE
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Fame Audio DB 038
  • Height-adjustable monitor stand
  • Rubberized, non-slip surface
  • Support plate dimensions: 230 x 230 mm
  • Suitable for 5, 6, 5, 7 und 8 inch (approx. 20 cm) speakers
  • Height: 0.67 - 1,13 m
  • Weight: 3,5 kg

Fame Audio Orbital 208S - Stand Set