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Based on the first programmable studio effect processor in rack format, Eventide's SP2016 Reverb Plugin offers a warm reverb...  Вся информация о товаре

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Eventide SP2016

Emulation of a classic

Based on the first programmable studio effect processor in rack format, Eventide's SP2016 Reverb Plugin offers a warm reverberation that can be heard on countless hit productions. Today, this unmistakable sound is available for any DAW and ready to go. Six specific reverb sounds or authentic emulations of the Room, Stereo Room and High Density Plate algorithms are available, each in two versions: Vintage and Modern. The vintage versions correspond to the original up to bit resolution, while the modern algorithm sounds more open and offers more diffusion as well as a higher amplitude resolution. In general, these algorithms represent every aspect of a natural reverberation in the sense of a room simulation - from complex early reflections to the natural compression of echoes over time to the soft, Gaussian end of the reverb tail. Another special feature is the unique Position parameter, which allows you to adjust the reverb effect so that it integrates perfectly into the mix.

Eventide SP2016 Overview

  • High quality Reverb Emulation
  • Room, Stereo Room, Hi Density Plate in modern and vintage
  • Large selection of artist presets, including Dave Pensado, Richard Devine, Joe Chiccarelli etc.
  • Position parameter for better insertion of the signal into the mix
  • Fine tuning with many parameters like predelay, decay, diffusion etc.
  • EQ Section
  • for instruments of all kinds and vocals
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