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Guitar Parts

Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo System Chrom
Direct Floating Tremolo Replacement
€ 351.90
ca. Lv 688.25
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Rubner Mechanik Klassik Hauser Messing, Perlmutt weiß
Set of classical guitar tuners
€ 29.20
ca. Lv 57.11
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Göldo Hals Strat Vintage 21 Maple 7.25" unlacquered
Vintage Maple Neck for ST-Style Models
€ 200.70
ca. Lv 392.53
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Schaller STM Adjustable Roller Bridge (Nickel)
Great bridge for small money!
€ 65.50
ca. Lv 128.10
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Spare parts and replacement parts for guitar at MUSIC STORE professional

If you want to give your own electric guitar that certain something or are looking for a better tone, you can choose from a wide selection of guitar parts in the MUSIC STORE Online Shop! The assortment ranges from stylish visual upgrades and tonal improvements to useful innovations that make the playability, maintenance and care of the guitar much easier. Also for tinkerers and hobbyists who want to assemble their custom guitar from scratch, we have a large selection of necks, bodies, fingerboards and of course the right tools for working on any kind of guitar.

Tuning stability - finding the right tuners

Improved Tuners are an extremely popular and easy-to-implement upgrade. Tuners with a locking function offer the possibility of clamping the strings in the winding axis, which not only makes changing strings a breeze, but also greatly improves the tuning stability of the instrument. On the other hand, those who value exact tunings are best advised to use a tuning set with a more precise transmission ratio. Of course, the MUSIC STORE Online Shop also offers historically correct vintage parts from Kluson, Grover, Fender, Gibson, Fame and many more. So if the old tuners of a real vintage guitar should ever give up, the right replacement can be found quickly!

Bridges, Tremolos, Tailpieces & Co.

At the other end of the guitar, the bridge is usually responsible for the good tone in one of its many forms and designs. The most common design and most popular tuning part is the famous Tune-o-Matic bridge. The TOM-style bridge, which became famous on the classic Gibson instruments of the fifties, is characterized not only by its direct resonance transmission into the body, but also by its diverse adjustment possibilities in terms of intonation and string action. Additional modulation possibilities, on the other hand, are offered by tremolo systems. These range from the classic vintage tremolo of the Strat to traditional Bigsby systems to the modern Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo, which especially allows shredders enormous bendings and wild sound effects.

Potentiometers, switches, cables - Large selection of electronic parts.

An often underestimated and not insignificant part of the sound of the guitar on the amplifier is due to the electronic components used, such as the potentiometers used. The volume pot usually has a logarithmic characteristic, while the tone pot is usually linear. A potentiometer is quickly replaced and can bring numerous additional features: In the form of a push/push or push/pull pot, coil splits or other useful effects can be switched, a no-load tone pot for untouched treble and so-called tandem potentiometers with two levels even allow simultaneous control of two pickups with one turn.

Differences in resistance are also often used to influence the treble component in the tone of the electric guitar. For humbuckers, manufacturers usually take a volume and tone pot with 500 kOhm, while the treble spectrum of a single coil is often attenuated with a lower resistance of 250 kOhm.

For complete wiring, we naturally offer various toggle and blade switches with extended switching positions, capacitors with different capacitances and the appropriate cables for reliable connection of all components in the electric compartment.

Necks and Bodies for Do-it-Yourself Projects

If you want to build your own guitar from scratch, you can also start with prefabricated bodies, necks and fingerboards. Fender, Fame and Göldo offer the most popular designs in a wide variety of versions. In addition to individual milling for specific pickups and bridge systems, the bodies offer different color finishes from the factory, necks, on the other hand, come with a wide variety of dimensions and fingerboard materials to allow each player to choose their preferred configuration. Also unlacquered components as a basis for your own finishing creations are available in the MUSIC STORE Online Shop!