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Bass Effects

Bass effect units at DV247 / MUSIC STORE professional

When it comes to shaping their personal bass sound, bassists also like to rely on effect pedals, which, just like guitar effects, are divided into the categories of overdrive, modulation, dynamics as well as delay and reverb. Here, bass effects manufacturers pay special attention to the needs of the electric bass. Either the special pedals for electric bass process only the mid and high frequencies of the bass tone, or they have a blend control for continuous mixing of the clean bass signal, so that the important low frequency range remains defined and powerful. The bass department of DV247 / MUSIC STORE has a wide range of bass effects for every taste!! 

Distortion for electric bass

Without a doubt, among the most popular effects pedals for the electric bass are distortion pedals, which are available in different versions for almost every taste. Classic overdrive pedals like the Ampeg Scrambler or the Darkglass Microtubes Vintage promise moderately distorted bass sounds in the style of overdriven tube amps. Bass distortion pedals such as the extremely popular Darkglass Alpha Omega, on the other hand, deliver sounds with maximum gain, which produces a powerful sound from the bass amp above all for rock and metal riffs. More vintage-oriented are fuzz pedals for electric bass, whose airy distortion is best suited for psychedelic sounds.

Compressor - dynamics effect for electric bass

The compressor is also an essential effect in the bassist's arsenal. As a dynamic effect, the compressor influences the volume fluctuations of the signal and helps to compensate for uneven attacks, to extend the sustain or simply to make the bass sound fuller. Especially playing techniques like slapping or tapping on the fretboard benefit immensely from evenly compressed dynamics. In addition to linear compressors like the Electro Harmonix Bass Preacher or the TC Electronic SpectraComp, the DV247 assortment also offers fully equipped compressor pedals like the MXR M87 Bass Compressor or the Darkglass Hyper Luminal with extensive control options for precise adjustment of the compression effect.

Modulation and envelope filter for distinctive bass sounds

o give their bass sounds that certain extra something, bassists like to use modulation effects, envelope filters or wah-wah pedals. By creating a second sound similar to the played note, bass chorus pedals like the Electro Harmonix Bass Clone or the Boss CEB-3 create a particularly wide and spacious bass sound. Envelope filters or auto-wahs, which are controlled by the strength of the attack, are also an indispensable part of the funk sound with their bubbling sound. Bass wahs like the Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah are also traditionally controlled with the foot pedal.

Preamps in pedal format - practical for studio recording and gigging

Also popular among bassists are effects pedals that include a bass preamp. Thanks to the frequently encountered XLR output, these bass effects can be connected directly to a mixing console, PA or audio interface, thus saving the need to lug around and set up large bass amps. Bass preamps such as the Electro Harmonix Battalion or the Tech 21 SansAmp offer extensive control options for the sound, while effects such as overdrive and compressor are often also on board.

Bass multi-effects - the all-round carefree package

Bass multi-effects, on the other hand, are the all-around carefree package for every bassist. Straightforward multi-effects like the Fender Downtown Express or the Fly Rigs from Tech 21 combine the most popular bass effects like overdrive, compressor and chorus in convenient pedals with analogue technology. Digital bass multi-effects like the popular Zoom B1 FOUR, on the other hand, rely on modern modelling algorithms and come up with authentic replicas of bass amps, bass cabinets and extensive effect libraries. In addition to XLR outputs for direct recording of the bass sound, digital bass multi-effects units in particular are often equipped with audio interfaces for direct recording in a DAW on a PC or Mac.