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DJ Controllers

Rane ONE
Professional motorized DJ controller
£ 1,136.00
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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 DJ Mixing Controller
2-Kanal-Mixer, Controller & Audio-Interface für TRAKTOR DJ & TRAKTOR PRO
£ 146.00
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Roland DJ-202
2-Channel DJ-Controller with Onboard Sequenzer
£ 243.00
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Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1
Entry-level controller in battle layout
£ 245.00
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DJ controllers are the interface between computer and software and usually replace a DJ mixer and two DJ turntables or CDJ/media players. The days of relying on analogue turntables, CD players and mixers are long gone. Due to the wide range of products, their mobility, flexibility and intuitive operation, they appeal to beginners, party DJs, wedding DJs, digital DJs as well as professional DJs. All-in-one controllers are extremely practical, especially for mobile DJs, due to their small footprint and compactness.

Buying Guide DJ Controllers

Regardless of the purpose, you should consider a few points in advance when buying a DJ controller: The layout, user-friendliness and durability of the chassis and controls should be decisive criteria. Since most controllers work in close connection with a computer, you must first meet the system requirements, i.e. your own computer must provide the necessary power for smooth performance so that the controller can do its job. Here it also plays an important role which program is included in the package and whether it can be updated, for example. In addition, it makes sense to find out in advance which preferred software the controller is suitable for, e.g. Serato DJ, rekordbox dj by Pioneer, Native Instruments Traktor Pro, Traktor Kontrol, Numark Mixtrack, Numark Party Mix, Virtual DJ or Algoriddim's djay. In the DJ setup, a MIDI controller command centre can even be found among the professionals because they rely on creative interaction with the software.

From Pocket DJ controllers to All-In-One-Systems: DJ Controller in various categories

In the DJ controller category, you will find the most comprehensive range of DJ equipment. It doesn't matter how much experience you have or what your intention is, there are devices for every DJ and the software that comes with them. Even for beginners, several renowned manufacturers such as Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, Numark and Reloop offer affordable controllers for easy-to-create DJ sets. Some DJ MIDI controllers even come with matching software and function plug-and-play for an immediate start. A MIDI controller does not necessarily need inputs, but those who play in front of an audience should at least attach importance to connections for a microphone and an emergency system (line with direct path to the master) such as a smartphone or CD player carried along.

The range of controllers, from entry-level to high-end professional models with integrated 4-channel stand-alone DJ mixer, high-resolution touch display and all controls and performance pads for direct access to the associated DJ software, is seamless. This allows the ambitious DJ to choose the right controller for every stage up to the professional level.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of DJ controllers: DJ controllers with integrated sound cards and DJ controllers without sound cards

The DJ Controllers with integrated soundcards allow the DJ to pre-listen to music with headphones or even connect external DJ equipment. The Controllers without soundcards do not process audio signals, but only send information via USB to a computer for operating the DJ software and the resulting music playback. There are also all-in-one systems with integrated displays and USB support that work stand alone. There are also add-on DJ controllers for live performers or music producers, for example, that can be used with DAW software. The majority of controllers use the MIDI or HID protocol for data exchange. This means that, in addition to the Software, recommended by the manufacturer, such as rekordbox dj, Traktor Pro, Serato DJ Lite, Serato DJ Pro or Virtual DJ, other DJ programmes can normally also work with them.

Furthermore, a distinction is made between products with and without an integrated audio interface. The DJ controllers without an interface have a particularly compelling argument in terms of price; furthermore, they are easier to integrate into a USB audio system that has already been set up. Hobby DJs also like to connect the controller directly to the laptop without a pre-listening option, so the power supply also runs via the USB port. Professional DJs, however, should take care of routing the inputs and outputs themselves via an audio interface. Let's now take a look at DJ midi controllers with an audio interface (so-called all-in-one controllers). They are generally very popular and are characterised by the classic deck-mixer-deck layout. The aspect that all-important components are in one housing proves to be very practical. Further advantages result from the number of high-quality control elements, the integration of creative sections for loops, hotcues, pads, slicing and various effects, as well as the size and handling of the jog wheels. Major price differences result from the quality of the DA converters, the microphone and phono amplifiers and the number of output channels. At this point, the DJ must be clear about how much they want to invest.

The DJ can also use a controller as a mixer substitute, but this requires some flat track controls for fading in and out the music tracks. When buying a controller, one should also pay attention to the presence of control buttons for start, pre-listening function and preview. The virtual equaliser must also be adjustable via control elements.

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Popular DJ-Controller brands at D247

Pioneer DJ (Controllers with Soundcards), Pioneer DJ (Controllers without sound cards), Denon DJ, Native Instruments (worth highlighting here: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol), Serato, Numark (e.g. Numark Mixtrack and Numark Party Mix), Reloop, Mixars and Roland.