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Buying drum heads from MUSIC STORE professional: Wide selection in all sizes

The head on a drum is responsible for the sound. About 80 % of the sound is determined by the head, only 20% by the material and the construction of the drum. Thus a snare, tom or bass drum sounds extremely different, depending on the selection of the head. The biggest factors influencing the sound are the strength (number of layers) and the damping. The more the head is muffled (damping rings), the shorter and drier the sound. Also the surface, i.e. the finish, partly determines the sound and the playing feeling. The main difference is between coated and clear heads. The clear version is transparent and smooth (i.e. clear), coated heads have a rough coating, which is well suited for playing with brushes and additionally dampens the overtones. Since drums today are supplied in standardized sizes, the drummer only has to remember the drum sizes in inches and can then fall back on the models from various manufacturers (Remo or Evans) in the appropriate color and size in inches. A distinction is made between the batter and resonance heads, i.e. the top and bottom sides of the drum. The sound is produced on the batter head, while the resonance head amplifies it and emphasizes the sound of the shell.

Head sets for drums: Many configurations at a special price

In the Sets category you will find pre-configured sets from the popular series in all common configurations, mostly for the toms. Depending on your needs (indicated here in inches) there are prefabricated fusion sets (10", 12", 14"), rock sets (10", 12", 16") and standard sets (12", 13", 16"). So you buy all Tom heads in one package at an attractive price.

Snare heads in the MUSIC STORE Online Shop: batter and resonance heads

Since the snare drum is the most played drum within the kit, the choice of the right snare head is very important: The absolute classic for the snare drum is a single layer snare head with coating, e.g. the Remo Ambassador coated or the Evans G1 coated. Of course there are numerous snare variants to find the perfect sound, including snare heads with dot or integrated damper ring. This makes the sound shorter, crisper and dry, the overtone is eliminated by the damping. Also the choice of the resonance head is decisive for the sound of the snare. Since the snare wire rests directly on the Reso head, the head must be much thinner than the batter head to ensure an extremely sensitive and powerful response of the wire. In the category snare resonance heads you can find all sizes and designs at a fair price in the online shop, of course also the top sellers Remo Ambassador Hazy and Evans Snare Side.

Buying Tom heads: Single or double layer Tom heads?

In the category Tom heads you will find numerous models to create the ideal sound for your music style. Basically, the thicker the head, the shorter the sound. Integrated damping rings, such as on the Remo Powerstroke 3, also offer simple ways of focusing the sound. Single layer versions, no matter if clear or coated, have a lot of sustain and the sound of the shell can unfold completely. With double layer heads, like the Remo Emperor coated, the basic sound of the drum is still present, but at the same time the sound becomes more controlled and dry, perfect for rock and pop music.

Bass drum heads: It's the damping that matters!

In this category there are different heads for bass drums in all sizes. The classic for bass drums is a single-layer drumhead with a damping ring at the edge, e.g. Remo Powerstroke 3 or Evans EQ4. This gives the drummer a deep, warm and short sound with high bass and moderate attack. For the resonance side we offer bass drum heads that already have a pre-cut hole and we offer various bass drum heads in different versions. If you own a drum set of a certain brand and are looking for a suitable reso head with manufacturer logo, e.g. Sonor or Tama, you will also find it here.

Mesh Heads in our range: Heads for E-Drums and Hybrid Drums

Mesh Heads are drumheads made of synthetic fabric that do not produce sound when struck, so the drum remains silent. These heads can be used to practice drums in an apartment, or they can be used for triggering. Here the heads are connected to a drum module via a trigger, so an acoustic drum kit is converted to an e-drum. High-quality Mesh Heads are for example the Remo Silentstroke heads or the Roland PowerPly fabric heads, consisting of two layers.

A large selection of percussion heads: Conga heads and Bongo heads

Heads for congas and bongos are often made of skin or leather, i.e. they are high-quality natural products or animal skins such as real cowskin and real sheepskin. Many models in all common sizes are available in our online shop.