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Marching Drums

Fame Marching Cymbals 18", Brass
Real lightweights, incl. hand strap & pads
£ 110.00
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Fame Marching Stimmschlüssel
Robust tuning key with longer handle
£ 10.10
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Marching drums and accessories at MUSIC STORE professional

If you are looking for drums for music clubs, carnivals or marching bands, then our Marching category is just right for you. The most played instruments in a marching band are the snare drum (small drum), the bass drum (big drum) and marching cymbals (cymbals). We offer cheap Marching Snares or Bass Drums from Fame, professional Marching Instruments are available from Sonor or Lefima in the respective categories. However, toms are also often used for marching, mostly in sets of three single drums (timp-toms). In the lira section there are various portable glockenspiels and the appropriate accessories. A crucial role in the Marching / Military - range play the carrying devices, thus carrier and straps. Here a high wearing comfort and low weight are advantageous, because the drums are often worn for several hours. You can also buy high-quality tambour sticks in the Music Store online shop, which are used for conducting marching bands. In the category accessories you will find useful attachments and extensions, e.g. knee brackets, vario plates and various stickbags.

Marching Bass Drums with carrying frame

They are the foundation of every marching band. They should be loud and at the same time sound deep, short and crisp. Complete packages from Fame come for little money directly with carrying strap or frame and beaters (Mallets). Professional large drums are available e.g. from Sonor, the lightweight construction used here optimizes the weight and makes it possible to carry the drums over a longer period of time. As already mentioned, you don't have to add the frames to the shopping basket when buying a complete package.

Buying Marching Snares: The small drum

The snare drum produces the typical metallic sound of a roll. Models made of metal are usually louder than those made of wood. Here you should also pay attention to ergonomic carrying frames or straps and add them. Most Marching Snares have a diameter of 14", but there are differences in the depth of the shell: Compact shells are easier to carry and have a crisp, high sound. The so-called Parade Snares have shell depths of up to 12", which are normal and produce a higher volume. A special Kevlar head can be stretched more tightly than a normal head, producing a dry and high tone.

Cymbals for the hand: Marching Cymbals at MUSIC STORE professional

Marching Cymbals are supplied in pairs and are equipped with two loops so that they can be easily struck against each other, a similar principle to a hi-hat. These cymbals are often slightly larger than hi-hat cymbals to ensure the necessary volume. Often cymbal manufacturers like Paiste or Meinl use an alloy with a lower proportion of tin, i.e. B8 bronze or B10 bronze. This basic material has more high frequencies and is better suited for outdoor use. You will find a large selection in all price ranges in our shop.

Comfortable carriers / straps for small and big drums

Comfortable carrying is an important factor for drummers when working for hours on end. Basically there are two systems: carrying straps and carrying frames, so-called carriers. Straps have the advantage that they adapt ergonomically to the body, for example the Sonor power carrying strap. Frames, on the other hand, are more stable and distribute the weight of a drum more evenly over the body. In addition, the drum remains in a rigid position, making it easier and more precise to play.

Marching accessories: Perfectly equipped as a drummer

In this category there is a wide range of accessories for marching drummers. These include leather stick bags, various percussion and cymbal holders for the hoop or leather straps for cymbals. This category also includes Varioplates and knee brackets, with these tools any conventional snare can be converted to a Marching Snare.