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Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set

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E-Drum, Trigger Module, Hybrid Drums, Fame E-Drum, 4 GB Flash, Module Direct-Out, Open Sound Architecture, Multi-layer.  All product info

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Fame Hybrid PRO E-Drum Set Chrome Edition

Fame Hybrid PRO E-Drum Set Chrome Edition Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Fame
  • Sample Capable: Yes
  • Pads: Mesh
  • Pad Type: 3-Zones
  • Number of Trigger Inputs: 12.0
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Product information - Fame Hybrid PRO E-Drum Set

Professional e-drum kit with mesh pads, real hi-hat and high-end drum module with 4 GB memory

Fame Hybrid Pro Header

The FAME Hybrid PRO E-Drum Set is a top-class electronic drum set that, together with the Hybrid PRO drum module in the exclusive Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann Edition, offers an unparalleled playing and sound experience. There is a fabulous 4 GB of memory available for sounds.

The large mesh pads in 10" for the toms and 12" for snare and kick offer perfect rebound and an excellent and absolutely realistic playing feel. The three matching cymbal pads, a real hihat and a professiona single pedal round off the hardware, which is unique in this price range. An absolute professional set that meets even the highest demands. The Hybrid PRO drum module offers features that are absolutely unique in this price range. In the exclusive Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann Edition, an incredible 12,500 individual samples are already on board from the factory, which have been elaborately processed into over 400 multi-layer sounds. Thanks to its high-end D/A converters, the Hybrid PRO sounds absolutely powerful and realistic via the 4 + 2 direct outputs, making it an absolute multi-talent for stage and studio.

Elektronisches Schlagzeug Fame Hybrid Pro
Made in Sweden! All sounds recorded in LA! 12,500 individual samples processed and arranged in Germany!

Sound module with 4 GB memory and 12 separate trigger channels

The FAME Hybrid PRO is a versatile sound module of the absolute top class.

A full 4 GB of flash memory is available for your own samples, loops and songs.

With 12 separate trigger channels and additional HH and ride control, the ultra-fast Fame Hybrid PRO trigger interface allows latency-free playing in a wide range of dynamic levels. In addition to the snare rim, another pad can be connected via a split cable (included) in the kick input.        

An external source, e.g. a monitor signal, can be fed in via the line-in.    

A special highlight are the four direct outputs (mono), which can be extended by the headphone output to an optional stereo output if required.  

By means of differentiated routing, individual instruments or specific groups can be sent separately into the mix here; backing tracks or the metronome can also be sent via this, perfect for live use.

Thus, the Hybrid PRO offers an optimal output solution for every application. From a simple stereo overall mix on the headphones to individual monitor and playback setups, you can realize almost anything with the diverse routing options.

The Fame Hybrid PRO Sounds at a glance: Marco Minnemann and Simon Phillips

Convince yourself of absolutely realistic high-end sounds recorded for us in the studio of Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann. Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann are legendary drummers who are among the best in the world. Simon Phillips has influenced generations of drummers with his inimitable style with TOTO. Marco Minnemann is a renowned live and studio drummer. He has played for Paul Gilbert, The Buddy Rich Big Band, Udo Lindenberg and NENA, among others. The 4 GB of the sound module contains about 400 multi-layer sounds consisting of 12,500 individual samples, about 2 GB of memory is left free by the factory for your own samples, loops and songs. Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann recorded their drum sets in the Los Angeles recording studio and optimized them for the Hybrid PRO together with our development department. For all styles, drums and cymbals were recorded with elaborate multi-miking and at different distances.

Listen to the Fame Hybrid PRO Kit Demos here

At Fame, multi-layer means that each instrument is recorded at different volume levels. This changes not only the volume, but also the sound pattern and frequency at different beat intensities. Some of the Fame sounds consist of up to 127 single layers.

Realistic sound profile with professional studio sounds

In addition to the unique multi-layer samples, another feature contributes to the ultra-realistic Fame sound: Depending on the velocity and playing style, the output sounds vary minimally, thus the "machine gun" sound, which sometimes makes other electronic drum sets sound artificial, is completely avoided and the Hybrid Pro unfolds an inimitable naturalness with professional studio-quality sounds.

If, for example, a pad is hit several times in succession, a slightly different sample with a differentiated sound profile sounds with each hit. This sophisticated technology clearly distinguishes the Hybrid Pro from other sets in this price range. If you compare the sample structure of the Fame Hybrid Pro with that of the Fame DD-ONE XT, you will notice that the Hybrid Pro has up to 100 more layers per sound.

Check out Dirk Sengotta with his specatcular Fame Hybrid Pro Performance

Check out Ralf Gustke and his Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set

Watch the Ralf Gustke drum solo & the test by Dirk Sengotta here

See more Ralf Gustke Performances on the Fame Hybrid Pro here

Intuitive operation with multiple function area

The module is operated in a simple and structured way via five menu items (MIXERUNIT/PROGRAM/CHANNEL/SOUND/SPECIAL) with different sections. The display is divided into six sections, which are controlled with the rotary control and with three push buttons. The overall volume can be adjusted via a LEVEL control, which can be disconnected if necessary and then controls only the headphones, for example.

See the detailed product video with many sound samples here

Open sound architecture with PC/MAC software editor: Fame Hybrid PRO

The unique open sound concept of the Fame Hybrid PRO module is a sensational innovation in this price range. If you connect the module via USB to a device, it will be recognized as a storage medium in USB mode and you can access the whole module. By dragging and dropping samples, loops and entire songs can be loaded onto the module, which are then immediately available on the Fame Hybrid PRO drum set.

All settings, such as kits, sounds, presets and triggers can be organized and arranged on the PC/MAC similar to pictures. With the free software editor, you can easily add sounds and songs to your own kits. For example, you can create a kit list to match the setlist at a concert, which can then be called up in sequence. With the software editor, multi-layer sounds with 127 velocity levels can be created from your own sounds if required. From any WAV file, e.g. studio recordings of your acoustic drum set, an excellent multi-layer sound can be made.

You can download the BETA VERSIONS of the Fame Software Editor further down in the text, please pay attention to all notes!

Integrated backing track player

Conventional WAV files are loaded into the module via USB in CD quality (stereo, 16 bit/44.1 kHz) and then assigned to a kit. This way playbacks, sample tracks and loops are easily played, if needed a pad of the Fame Hybrid PRO acts as start/stop/pause by hitting it.

Professional metronome in the Hybrid PRO

In addition to practice purposes, the integrated metronome is specifically optimized for live use. One customized metronome can be saved per kit. A variety of time signatures, accents and sounds can be programmed according to your own specifications. The metronome can also be used as a one- or two-beat single counter: in the corresponding mode, the click stops automatically.

Hybrid Pro Schlagzeug von Fame

Fame Hybrid Pro Cymbal Pads

Ride cymbal with 3 zones and professional crash pads in 12"

The Hybrid PRO set's cymbal pads all promise excellent response and ultra-realistic feel. The 12" ride pad has three zones, meaning that bell, bow and edge are assigned with independent samples. In terms of feel, the Hybrid PRO Ride Cymbal is in no way inferior to acoustic cymbals. The two 12" crash pads convince with high-quality sounds of the best cymbal series in the world, which were recorded in the studio of Simon Phillips.

The crash cymbals are delivered with one sound assigned, but the player is free at any time to also assign the second zone of the pad with a sound in the module. In addition to the outstanding feel, the Fame cymbal pads have only low noise development. This means that the Hybrid PRO can also be played at any time within your own four walls without disturbing the neighbors. All three cymbal pads are mounted on stable cymbal holders that can be flexibly adjusted.

Fame HiHat Pad on real tripod: Dual-Zone HiHat with HH-9000 stand

The large HiHat Pad in 12" is mounted on the professional Fame HH-9000 stand, a high-end tripod. The HH-9000 is made in Taiwan and gets top marks for stability and running characteristics. The tripod has three double-braced legs with large rubber feet that guarantee a firm stand on almost any surface. To optimize the height of the hi-hat pad for each player, the stand can be adjusted from 78 to 100 cm. To regulate the pedal resistance, the spring tension can be changed and continuously adjusted.

Just like an acoustic set, the hihat can be opened and closed with the pedal. The sensor under the pad registers the degree of opening. This creates a great playing flow, just like an acoustic drum set.

The pad itself is 12" in size and offers two playing zones: The edge and the surface. The module outputs a variety of multi-layers here for perfect studio sound.  

Fame HiHat Detail

Fame Hybrid Pro Kickpad

Single pedal for professional drummers: Kickpad in 12" with Fame FP-9001 Pedal

The Fame Kickpad is a unique size in this price range: the diameter measures a whole 12". This creates a realistic rebound and perfect playability. Of course, any double pedal fits on the kickpad, so there are no limits to your imagination. The Fame FP-9001 single pedal, which is included in the scope of delivery, convinces with a robust construction and at the same time offers flexible adjustment options and a firm stand. The pedal's board is attached to resilient double columns and suspended from the axle with a double chain. The board is divided into two sections by a sturdy joint. It is resistant and has a non-slip profile so that the foot does not slip away during fast passages. The sophisticated design of the Fame FP-9001 pedal allows for a wide variety of adjustment options to perfectly adapt the pedal to your personal requirements. With the spring tension, the strength of the resistance can be regulated, so the response and the speed of the pedal are also adjusted.

XXL pads with mesh heads: 12" dual snare and 12" kick for professional drummers

The Fame Hybrid PRO set comes with a 12" snare (stereo) and a 12" kick pad. Another pad or trigger can be connected to the kick pad. In general, all pads from other manufacturers (Roland, Yamaha and 2Box) are also compatible with the Fame Hybrid Pro. The four tom pads are 10" in size, so the Hybrid PRO has comparable dimensions to an acoustic drum kit, so you don't have to adjust your movements.

The high-quality Fame mesh heads have the advantage that you can play drums almost noiselessly on them and they can be tightened and loosened conventionally with a tuning key. So you can adjust the Hybrid PRO in the rebound perfectly to your own playing style.  

The rebound of the Fame fabric heads behaves identically to that of acoustic snare drums or toms, because you can determine it yourself.

Fame Hybrid Pro Schlagzeug

Snare Ständer Hybrid Pro

Included in delivery: Fame Snare Stand SDS8000

The Fame Hybrid PRO E-Drum Set offers two possibilities to mount the snare pad: You can mount the snare directly to the rack, for which a pad holder is included. The advantage here is that the Fame drum kit is set up a bit more space-saving and practical. However, if you want to use the full potential of the snare pad, you should mount the snare on the included snare stand. This provides much better support, especially when playing hard. On the rack it can happen that the pad loosens and changes position with extremely hard hits, this does not happen with the Fame snare stand!

The response of the snare is excellent, sensitive and realistic on the SDS800 stand, because the pad is decoupled from the vibrations of the rack.

Click here to read the full test! (GERMAN)

Rated "Very Good" in Drums & Percussion 03/2021

Excerpts: So, in summary, Fame's "Hybrid PRO" E-Kit offers a host of professional features and top-notch sounds that give it a unique selling point, especially in this price range.

It is designed for road use, and so the connectors on the back are individually screwed and wired, which minimizes the susceptibility to interference. By the way, it is not manufactured in the Far East, but in Europe according to the quality standards that apply here.

Metal housing: Excellent workmanship

The housing of the Fame Hybrid PRO is made of metal and can thus withstand even the toughest touring routine. The excellent workmanship is also evident on the back: each individual input and output jack has a separate screw connection and wiring. The risk of a defective socket is significantly minimized by this principle. The robust switches and the two knobs are also designed for extreme durability. The Fame Sound Module is manufactured in Europe under the highest quality standards.

Fame Hybrid PRO Rack: Solid construction with four legs

Equipped with robust feet made of hard rubber and four legs, the Fame Hybrid PRO drum rack cuts a fine figure. The total of five drums and three cymbals find enough space to be flexibly placed. In addition, the two side wings can be continuously adjusted in angle, so the Fame E-Drum Set is adapted in seconds to prevailing space conditions. The playing height can also be continuously varied overall, e.g. when several drummers are playing on the set. The two crash cymbals are anchored in the drum rack with rack tube attachments, which promises additional playing comfort. The entire rack is in plain aluminum gray, which in combination with the black heads creates a contemporary and visually professional image.

Rack Hybrid Pro Drumset

The Fame Hybrid PRO E-Drum Set – scope of delivery

  • 1 x Fame Hybrid PRO sound module incl. mounting plate
  • 1 x cable harness incl. TRS-MIDI cable and power supply unit
  • 1 x Fame Hybrid PRO Rack
  • 1 x Fame HH-9000 HiHat stand
  • 1 x Fame FP-9001 single pedal
  • 1 x Fame Snare stand SDS8000
  • 1 x 12" Kick pad (mono) with additional perc-in
  • 1 x 12" Snare pad (stereo)
  • 4 x 10" Tom pad (mono) / stereo possible
  • 2 x 12" Crash pad (stereo)
  • 1 x 12" Ride pad (3-zone)
  • 1 x 12" HiHat pad (stereo)

The Fame Hybrid PRO Soundmodule

  • Simon Phillips & Marco Minnemann Edition
  • Multi-layer signature sounds of the two star drummers
  • Open sound architecture
  • Software editor for PC/MAC
  • 4 GB flash memory
  • 3-band EQ
  • 12 trigger channels
  • 4 direct outs
  • Headphone jack (stereo)
  • Line In (stereo)
  • Metronome
  • Songplayer for backing tracks
  • Multi-layer sample concept
  • MIDI In/Out (TRS adapter)
  • USB to Device
  • Compatible with all manufacturers
  • Assign functions to pads (Start/Stop/Pause/Tap)
  • High End D/A converter
  • Sound module Made in Europe
Fame Modul Rückansicht

All Inputs:

  • Snare/Rim (stereo) -> Rim can be assigned separately
  • Bass drum/Perc1 (stereo) -> split cable included in delivery
  • Tom ½ (stereo) -> split cable included in delivery
  • Tom ¾ (stereo) -> split cable included in delivery
  • Crash 1 -> 3 zones available in module (only one occupied)
  • Crash 2 -> 3 zones available in module (only one occupied)
  • Ride Trig -> 3 zones available
  • Ride Ctrl -> for Roland pads with two jack plugs
  • HiHat Trig -> 2 zones available
  • HiHat Ctrl -> for HiHat Controller
  • Line In (stereo) -> Mono if required
  • Midi In -> TRS adapter included

All Outputs:

  • Out 1 (mono) -> direct output
  • Out 2 (mono) -> direct output
  • Out 3 (mono) -> direct output
  • Out 4 (mono) -> direct output
  • Phones (stereo) -> headphone output
  • Midi Out -> TRS adapter included

The Fame Hybrid Pro sound module is also available separately -> simply click HERE

The Software Editor

This is an editor software for processing Hybrid Pro kits and sounds. You can edit existing kits, plus the editor includes the unique feature of creating your own multi-layer sounds from your wave files that can be played on a Fame Hybrid Pro module.

  • Edit kits and listen to the sounds
  • Drag sounds from the Sound Browser into the kits and configure them
  • Save the changes and rearrange the kits in a Hybrid Pro kit bank
  • Create your own personal multi-layer drum sounds from your own audio WAV files
  • Create your own loops and playbacks from your own audio wave files

Please note before using the software:

  • Be sure to create a backup copy of the .dkit file before editing
  • Exit the editor software before disconnecting the Hybrid Pro from the USB port
Download Fame Software Editor
Download Fame Software Editor

Available now: Meinl Byzance Sound Pack

As a Fame Hybrid Pro customer/customer, you can now benefit from additional sounds that are available in every module. These are authentic cymbal sounds of one of the hottest and most modern cymbal series worldwide, namely the Meinl Byzance series, which were commissioned by us in a professional recording studio. For the first time ever, creative stack sounds are available to optimize the playing experience and sound variety.

Renowned microphones, preamps and converters were used to guarantee the high-quality sound experience. Of course, these are high-resolution multi-layer samples at 44.1 kHz and 24 bits, constructed from numerous individual samples; the hi-hat sounds, for example, consist of over 150 individual samples.  

All sounds were recorded using the multi-mic process, six microphones were used for each sample.

Download Fame Software Editor

Current operating system OS1.40.bin

Init file to replace the .bin file on your module with it


dKit file with factory settings for Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set


dKit file with factory settings for the Fame Pro Trigger Set



  • Manufacturer: Fame
  • Sample Capable: Yes
  • Pads: Mesh
  • Pad Type: 3-Zones
  • Number of Trigger Inputs: 12
  • MIDI Interface: Yes
  • Mix Input: Yes
  • Number of Drum Kits: 40
  • Number of Sounds: 400
  • Display: Yes
  • Master Out: Yes
  • Number of Direct Outs: 4
  • Digital Output: Yes
  • Headphone Connection: Yes
  • Incl. Pedal: Yes
  • Integrated Metronome: Yes
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Snare size: 12"
  • Size bassdrum: 12"
  • Size tom 1: 10"
  • Size tom 2: 10"
  • Size tom 3: 10"
  • Size tom 4: 10"
  • EQ: Yes
  • Incl. Snare Stand: Yes
  • Internal Memory Space: 4 GB
  • Real HiHat: Yes
  • Number of free pad inputs: 1
Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set Product ImageFame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set
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