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Acoustic Guitar Amps

Amplifiers for acoustic guitars at DV247

Acoustic guitar amplifiers are designed according to completely different criteria than electric guitar amplifiers. While the non-linearity in saturation and distortion behaviour - especially in tube circuits - produce the popular and characteristic sound behaviour for the electric guitar, completely different parameters come into play in the amplification of acoustic guitars.

Cleaner guitar sound for stage, studio and band rehearsal

An acoustic guitar amplifier focuses on a linear transmission of the guitar signal without distortion or artefacts. Therefore, a transistor or Class-D amplifier is usually used here. In addition, an acoustic amp usually also offers a sophisticated multi-band tone control, which is designed entirely for the sound characteristics and critical frequencies of the acoustic guitar. In addition, all models have a pre-amp that can process both microphone signals and pickup signals.

Anti-Feedback is an important detail in an acoustic guitar amplifier

In terms of amplification, acoustic instruments are much more sensitive to feedback loops. Therefore, an anti-feedback function is an important equipment detail, especially for use at live concerts and, of course, in the rehearsal room - wherever acoustics may be critical. To suppress feedback, which can be dangerous to the thin spruce top of a high-quality acoustic guitar, there is often a tuneable feedback filter that effectively controls these unwanted feedback frequencies.

Guitar loudspeakers in an acoustic amp are different from a conventional guitar amplifier.

An acoustic guitar amplifier differs significantly from an electric guitar amplifier not only in the amplifier electronics, but also in the loudspeaker equipment. While the latter mainly use 12" loudspeakers with hard suspended diaphragms, an acoustic guitar amplifier uses smaller loudspeakers with soft suspended diaphragms. Often one to two 6" or 8" loudspeakers and an additional tweeter are used to adequately transmit the entire sound spectrum of an acoustic instrument.

Acoustic guitar playing via the PA system

If you play directly over the P.A. or already have linear amplification, you can also use the mentioned pre-amp qualities in the form of an external stompbox effect. T.C. Helicon, Fishman, Boss, Behringer and L.R.Baggs have various devices in their program which have a corresponding tone control, a filter section and other practical aids such as tuner and effects such as Chorus, Reverb, Delay etc. on board. Also a comfortable and safe transport has been considered. Many manufacturers offer padded protective covers for the acoustic combo, which are perfectly tailored to the respective amp. Acoustic guitar amplifiers usually also have a line output, via which the pre-amplified audio signal can be transmitted to a mixing console or audio interfaces.

Popular brands and manufacturers of acoustic guitar amplifiers at DV247

Acus, Fame, Schertler, Boss, Fishman, and others brands...