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Play Electric Guitar - Buy Guitar Amps at DV247

Guitar amplifiers were originally invented for the purpose of being able to play the guitar louder in orchestras and ensembles. In the beginning it was important to transmit the instrument at a higher volume, but today the guitar amplifier is an elementary component of an electric guitar setup, which plays a decisive role in sound formation. While tube technology was initially the dominant technology in the first guitar amplifiers, guitarists today can choose from a huge range of products: Amplifiers for electric guitars are available in very different designs - as combo amplifiers, tops plus guitar cabinets or completely digital modelling amps, as software plug-ins in audio computers and even as smartphone apps. Everywhere the sound and playing characteristics are in the foreground. The same applies to the bass, of course. However, you should use a bass amplifier for an official bass sound, because both the amplifier circuitry and the bass speaker are designed for the lower frequency range - guitar amplifiers are not optimally suited for this.

The ideal sound of the tube guitar amplifier

The tube circuit still dominates as the sound ideal for electric guitar amplifiers. This is due to the special amplification properties of vacuum tubes, which have a positive effect on sound development when playing the guitar. Whereas in transistor circuits the amplification of the guitar increases linearly up to hard clipping, distortion (preamplifier) and overdrive (power amplifier) in tube circuits start quite early and very gently, with an emphasis on even harmonics. This is how the crunch and distortion sounds that have been popular with most guitarists for decades are created. The large selection of tube top parts and combo amplifiers in all power classes, from 1 watt practice amps to full stack systems confirm this preference for the vacuum tube.

Flexible sound and practical handling: Amp modelling guitar amplifiers

In the last decade, however, amp modelling of tube circuits, amps and entire signal chains, consisting of stompbox effects, amp, speaker and microphone recording, has developed enormously and guitar playing has changed massively. What is possible today thanks to modern DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) is impressively demonstrated by the Kemper Profiler, which not only emulates a certain selection of effects and amplifiers, but is also capable of analyzing and emulating any device and signal chain. Amp modelling technology has now found its way into many Tops and Combo Amps. The DSP can only be used to create effects such as reverb, chorus or tremolo, or to simulate tube preamps and power amplifiers. The high quality that modelling amps have achieved in recent years has convinced many guitarists. In the studio and on stage, modelling amps are an absolute enrichment of a guitarist's expressive possibilities, because they can flexibly reproduce the sound behaviour of different amplifier concepts.

The best of both worlds – Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers

Even though amp modelling is flexible and sounds very authentic with every electric guitar, many guitarists still swear by the proven tube technology. Thanks to companies like Blackstar, Fame and the Behringer brand Bugera, tube and hybrid amplifiers are now also available for a small budget.

Individual sound characteristics - amp, guitar cabinet and loudspeaker

If you want to improve or change the sound of your guitar amplifier, you can change the tubes or speakers to strongly influence the basic character and the sound behaviour. The rich selection of special guitar speakers or cabinets which reproduce the sound of popular historical combos and stacks, offers many possibilities to achieve the desired sound.

Play guitar any and everywhere - guitar amplifiers for on the go

Of course, in the Guitar Shop of the MUSIC STORE you will also find battery-powered amplifiers, guitar speaker cabinets and lots of accessories such as footswitches, MIDI baseboards, amp and speaker covers. The team of experts in the guitar department is looking forward to your visit or call to help you choose your perfect instrument.

Popular guitar amplifier brands at DV247

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