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Other String Instruments

Epiphone MM-30S AS Antique Sunburst A-Style
Traditional design & powerful sound
£ 172.00
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VGS Banjo Tenor 4-String incl. Koffer
Original Vintage Bluegrass Sound
£ 277.00
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Yamaha GL1 Guitalele, Natural
6-String "Guitarlele" - Spruce top
£ 77.00
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Other String Instruments: Banjo, Mandoline, Dobro & E-Violin at DV247

In addition to an extensive selection of guitars, MUSIC STORE also offers a host of other string instruments that are typical of a wide variety of music genres. For example the banjo, which is popular in classical Country & Western music, but also in Dixieland and even in modern Folkpop songs. The banjo originally goes back to African roots as "Banjil", "Banza" or "Banshaw". This developed into the forms commonly used today, with four or five strings in "open back" construction or with a closed body. In addition, special forms have developed, such as the guitar banjo with six strings in guitar tuning or the ukulele banjo.

Buy Mandolins at DV247

The mandolin is also strongly represented in the modern singer/songwriter scene and enriches acoustic guitar accompaniments with an interesting timbre. The mandolin developed into a popular string instrument in Europe in the 17th century. In addition to the classic drop form, with a curved or flat body, various other styles have established themselves today, such as the American bluegrass form, with its characteristic cutaway and snail, or the modern interpretations of Godin based on a guitar form.

Play E-Vioin via Amplifiers and PA Systems

In order to survive in a louder band environment, violinists need string instruments that can be amplified without feedback. Electric violins or short e-violins were designed for this purpose, whose body - in principle not unlike an electric guitar - is constructed without an amplifying soundboard. Equipped with a piezo-ceramic pickup system, Yamaha's high-end models feature an external control box with 24 digital effects. Especially interesting are the NS Design instruments by Ned Steinberger, to whom we owe the iconic carbon headless guitars and basses of the 80s. His violins and cellos are available with four or five strings and, if desired, also with frets.

The Dobro – Resonator Guitar with Special Sound!

The name Dobro is an acronym from Dopyera Brothers, at the same time it may also be a play on words, because dobrý is the Slovak word for good. The three Slovak brothers John, Rudy and Ed Dopyera started building guitars at the National String Instrument Company. Two years later they founded their own company and produced mainly resonator guitars with a wooden body. Today many well-known manufacturers offer Dobros with metal or wooden bodies.

Buy Travel Guitars at DV247

If you would like to take a guitar with you on your travels, then a travel guitar is just the thing for you. The range is now extremely diverse. The range includes the four-string Seagull Merlin with diatonic fretting based on a dulcimer, the slim Martin backpacker and a wide variety of electric instruments, which thanks to their minimized body and headless design also fit into an aircraft luggage compartment. Also to be found here: the Guitarlele - a ukulele with six strings in guitar tuning. The expert team of the guitar department is looking forward to your visit or call to assist you with words and deeds in the selection of your perfect instrument.