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Fame SMC-21 Spalted Maple
Body made of staked maple
£ 65.00
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Ortega RUGA-SKY Tenor Ukulele
Tenor size from the Gaucho series, incl. bag
£ 128.00
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Fully Solid Concert Ukulele, incl.Gigbag
£ 481.00
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As an acoustic guitar for on the road, as an accompaniment for singer/songwriters, a beginner instrument or just to play the guitar on the couch - the ukulele has enjoyed growing popularity for several years now and has become world famous since the cover version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. In the meantime, a wide range of these compact 4-stringers is available in all possible sizes and shapes - as bass ukulele, baritone ukulele, tenor ukulele, concert ukuleles and soprano ukulele.

The Ukulele: A small guitar from Madeira goes around the world

The origin of this instrument goes back to the Braguinha, a popular local form of the Portuguese cavaquinho on the island of Madeira. The immigrant João Fernandez brought the Braguinha to Hawaii in 1879, where they got the name Ukulele. The first specimens were made from the native Koa wood, which is still widely used today. During the 2nd World War American soldiers spread the Ukulele throughout the Pacific region. The instrument had a special influence in New Guinea, where string bands had formed since 1945, exerting the first modern musical influence on the otherwise purely local musical traditions. Via the USA and certainly also through Marilyn Monroe's appearance with a Ukulele in "Some Like It Hot", the instrument became more and more popular. In Germany especially Stefan Raab with his "Raabigrammen" provided for the popularity, which the Uklule enjoys here now.

Ukuleles in various body shapes and sizes

Ukuleles are offered in different body sizes, which are also quite different in sound and playing characteristics. The smallest and at the same time most famous form is the soprano ukulele. This ukulele is the most common, certainly because of its handy dimensions, but possibly also because of its bright and assertive sound. The next larger ukulele model is the concert ukulele, followed by the tenor ukulele and the baritone ukulele, the latter being as large as a 1/4 child's guitar.
The rule of thumb is: the larger the body, the more volume the ukulele can produce. Of course, the proportions of solid wood also have an influence on the sound volume. While the soprano and concert ukuleles serve a rather high frequency spectrum, the tenor ukulele can also take the lower mid frequencies with it. The baritone ukulele already transmits the bass frequency range and has the most voluminous sound.

Ukuleles for every tuning

To buy a ukulele means to have the agony of choice - so versatile is the range of ukuleles in different designs, sizes and price ranges. There are now baritone ukuleles, tenor ukuleles, concert ukuleles and soprano ukuleles that differ in size and tuning. There are also 5-, 6- and 8-string instruments, which are scarcely available in Germany. The classic ukulele is the soprano model, which is about 55 cm long with a string length of 35 cm. The two most frequently used tunings are the Hawaiian tuning - or C tuning (g-c-e-a) - and the classical tuning (a-d-fis-h), which is higher by a whole pitch.

Bass Ukulele - Mini guitar with double bass sound

A rather new form of the ukulele is the bass ukulele, which is equipped with special polyurethane strings, which can sound amazingly like a double bass when amplified accordingly.

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In our guitar department you will find not only the classic design but also many other body shapes such as the Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele, the Jack & Danny Electric Thinline, or the Gretsch G9470 Clarophone Banjo Ukulele. While the most inexpensive ukuleles are made of polycarbonate, which makes them immune to moisture and therefore fully campfire compatible, the more refined concert models take the same care in wood selection as high-quality acoustic guitars. These instruments are almost all equipped with a pickup system.

Play the Ukulele by Sheet Music

If you start playing the ukulele as a guitarist, you have to adjust to the special tunings of the instruments. Sheet music and textbooks for ukuleles are especially helpful for beginners. The ukulele is a perfect instrument to start with - and with the right sheet music and teaching material, playing the ukulele will be even easier. In the music section of the Music Store you will find numerous songbooks and playing instructions for this wonderful little instrument. The expert team of the guitar shop is looking forward to your visit or call to assist you with words and deeds in the selection of your perfect instrument.

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