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Hage Musikverlag Drum Training: Four On The Floor

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Hage Musikverlag Drum Training: Four On The Floor Product Image
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Playing drums, four-on-the-floor, textbook, difficulty level: medium to hard, with download, ISBN: 9783866265165.  All product info

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Product information - Edition Hage Drum Training: Four-on-the-floor

The ultimate training program for the drums

What does "Four-on-the-floor" mean and which castor plays it?

Four-on-the-floor is a rhythm for drummers in 4/4 time. The bass drum is played on each beat and complements the snare drum, hi-hat, etc. to create a complete groove. It is one of the most played styles in the world and is instrumental in getting the timing and interplay right. The drum kit is thus given one of the main tasks and slips into the castor of the captain of the band, so to speak. Furthermore, this rhythm is responsible for the frequent and automatic clapping along of the audience. It therefore also has an animating character.

Four-on-the-floor developed especially in the 70s in the field of disco music and became its main characteristic. However, this style of playing is not limited to just one music genre, but can be found in numerous music genres all over the world. Among other things, this is impressively conveyed in this edition.

Why this book?

Because Four-on-the-floor is used so often, this edition is a valuable tool for every drummer. It is the first textbook to cover this so helpful and characteristic playing technique, making it an absolute must-have. The book stands out for its comprehensive treatment of the subject. The author Patrick Metzger teaches the playing style effectively by means of

  • Workouts, Grooves, Variations, Fills
  • Practice-oriented exercises
  • The application in over 40 different genres incl. background knowledge
  • Extra playalong for jamming
  • Playing to the loops of 5 famous bassists
  • Over 700 audio examples

This makes the textbook an indispensable companion for drum lessons and practicing at home.

The QR codes take you to the audio examples and allow you to listen in perfectly with over 700 pieces. Likewise, an extra arranged jam track offers the opportunity to apply various four-on-the-floor grooves in different genres, because practice is the most important way to reach your goal. Matching basslines, recorded by well-known bassists, train the interplay that is so important for a band.

For a successful band with perfect timing and groove.


  • Chapter I - Basics & Workouts
    • Foot Technique, Sound & Dynamics
    • Four On The Floor vs. Hi-Hat Patterns
    • Special Patterns: Four On The Floor vs. Leftfood Clave & Double Bass Variations
    • Subdivision Training & Workout Table
    • Moving Accents in 8ths, 16ths, Triplets, Quintuplets, 6ths, etc.
    • Accent Variations: Groupings & Latin Patterns
    • Four On The Floor vs. Tresillo
    • Coordination Training
    • Groove Pyramid Subdivision 1 & 2
  • Chapter II - Groove Building Blocks & Variations
    • Four On The Floor with Variations
    • Snare Variations
    • Open Hi-Hat Variations
    • Hi-Hat Patterns Binary & Ternary
    • Ride Patterns with Hi Hat Foot
    • Snare Ghostings: Checklist, Sixteenths & Shuffle
    • Accent Variations for Hi-Hat & Ride: Groupings & Latin Patterns
    • Workout graphic & groove example
  • Chapter III - Grooves & Styles
    • Part A: Modern Styles & Pop Music
    • Disco
    • Disco-Funk
    • Pop
    • Electro / Dance / Techno
    • House (+ Bonus Training)
    • Soul
    • Rock / Hardrock
    • Oriental Grooves (Arabic, Turkish, Persian)
    • Part B: Oldschool & Traditional
    • Chicago Shuffle / Blues Shuffle
    • Texas Shuffle & Rock Shuffle
    • Swing
    • Rock'n'Roll & Rockabilly
    • Beat / Surfsound / Twist
    • Marching Style & Second Line
    • Others: Tango, Bo Diddley Beat, Train Beat
    • Part C: Latin Styles: Caribbean-, Afro-Cuban & Brazilian Rhythms
    • Reggae
    • Pop Reggae & Police Reggae
    • Soca & Calypso (+ Bonus Training)
    • Ska / Rocksteady / Reggaeton
    • Merengue
    • Son Montuno / Mambo
    • Mozambique (NY)
    • Afro-Cuban 6/8 / Bembé (+ Bonus Training)
    • Bembé & Nanigo (Halftime-Feel)
    • Rumba (Guaguanco)
    • Samba
    • Brazil Snare Patterns (+ Bonus Training)
    • Partido Alto
    • Samba Reggae
    • Axé
    • Others: Baião, Frevo, Marcha
  • Chapter IV - Fills with Four On The Floor
    • Fill practice concepts
    • Fills over Four On The Floor (short)
    • Fills over Four On The Floor (1 bar)
    • Linear Fills
    • Fills with Groupings
    • Fills with Claven & Latin Patterns
    • Fills with Paradiddle Stickings
    • Open Handed Fills
  • Chapter V - Groove Collection & Jamtracks
    • Famous Drum Grooves
    • Patrick Metzger Grooves & Fills
    • Paradiddle Grooves
    • Tom Grooves
    • Jamtrack: The Money Beat
    • Bass Loops
  • Definitions and Terms


  • Manufacturer: Hage Musikverlag
  • Instrument: Drums
  • Medium: Textbook
  • Language: German
  • Difficulty: Middle/Hard (3-4)
  • Arrangement: Drums
  • CD: No
  • DVD: No
  • Download: Yes
  • Number of Pages: 112
  • Author: Patrick Metzger
  • Format: DIN A4
  • Qualities 1: Spiral binding
  • Publishing Number: EH 3946
  • ISBN: 978-3-86626-516-5
Hage Musikverlag Drum Training: Four On The Floor Product ImageHage Musikverlag Drum Training: Four On The Floor
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