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Stage Pianos

Stage pianos & stage piano sets in the MUSIC STORE

Playing the piano live on stage or practising the piano at home - no matter whether you are a professional or a beginner: at the MUSIC STORE you will find a large selection of stage pianos in a wide range of price categories. In addition to the instruments, we also offer inexpensive stage piano sets that include not only the instrument but also the necessary accessories such as keyboard amplifiers, keyboard controllers, piano stools, headphones or other accessories such as stands.

Robustly built and powerful sound - stage pianos with hammer action

Stage pianos are made for live use, and the professional class of these electric pianos for the stage is built accordingly robust. A stage piano with built-in speakers is suitable as an instrument for practising the piano at home, and these compact instruments are also excellent for band or choir rehearsals. Instruments with these features, such as the Yamaha NP-32 B or the Yamaha NP-12 WH, can be found in the category stage pianos with hammer action. Even cheaper stage pianos of this type nowadays offer good 88-key keyboards and great piano sounds - the built-in speakers already produce powerful sounds - nevertheless, for professional performances, you should also plan for a keyboard amplifier, which you can use for band rehearsals or even for small gigs. For home use, on the other hand, the built-in speakers are usually quite sufficient; in any case, the audio signal can be transmitted to the music system for additional amplification if necessary. It is important to know that for many compact stage piano models, specially designed stands are available - for example, our top seller Music Store KB - which provide the instrument with a fixed place at home.

Stage pianos for beginners - Stage pianos with lightweight keyboards

The stage pianos in this category are usually in the lower price range and are sometimes available at very reasonable prices. However, this does not necessarily mean that these are exclusively instruments for beginners. If you are a live keyboardist looking for a light instrument with piano keys, you will find one here - e.g. the Roland GO:PIANO or the Studiologic NUMA Compact 2. For beginners, there are quite inexpensive instruments with good sounds and a lightweight keyboard, sometimes with a smaller key range than the usual 88 keys. Such stage pianos are practical as learning instruments, especially if there is no room for a large home piano or if the stage piano needs to be transported and must not weigh much.

Popular brands at MUSIC STORE professional

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