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Mordax DATA Multi-Function Module (Black)

Item: SYN0005876-001
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Mordax DATA Black is a digital platform for measurements, tests and signal generation in the Eurorack Modular System. A 4 chann...  All product info

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Mordax DATA

Mordax DATA Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Mordax
  • TE / HP: 16.0
  • Depth (mm): 35.0
  • + 12 V (mA): 250.0
  • - 12 V (mA): 60.0
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Product information - Mordax DATA Black

Multifunctional tool for the Eurorack Modular System

Mordax DATA Black is a digital platform for measurements, tests and signal generation in the Eurorack Modular System. The modular tool kit offers functions for every system and style: DATA Black is a 4 channel oscilloscope, tuner, voltage monitor & source, waveform generator, clock tool, spectral analyzer and spectrograph.

Mordax DATA Black – The All-Rounder 

The range of functions of the Mordax DATA Black is breathtaking: it shows the interactions between control voltages and audio signals, helps to understand the voltages of different modules and allows you to control shapes and parameters. DATA Black has two waveform generators. Each unit can serve as a precisely scaled LFO for CV control or as an audio rate oscillator. Dyads (two-note chords) can easily be generated in "Note Mode". The clock program can be used as master clock or for incoming signals as clock divider and clock multiplier. It can send two different clocks to gate modules or sequencers. With DATA Black the possibilities are almost unlimited; with the included microSD the firmware can be updated and new programs can be refined and created.

Mordax DATA Black as 4 channel oscilloscope

With the Mordax DATA Black four CV or audio channels can be monitored independently in the oscilloscope function. The voltage scale, position, AC/DC coupling and visibility are selectable. Triggering is possible from each channel. The time scale of the DATA Black ranges from 50µs to 5 seconds. A time-voltage measuring cursor with difference display allows easy measurement and display of the input signals.


Voltage Monitor & Source

In its function as voltage monitor & source, DATA Black offers a 4-channel display of the inputs/outputs with voltage measurement in real time. The four outputs can be used as CV source or manual gate source with user defined gate high and gate low voltages and different behaviour.


With the large frequency display of the DATA Black, the exact frequency of one of the four incoming signals can be measured and graphically displayed on the large display. In the pitch display the distance to the next note is shown graphically and as a frequency value. The nearest note is automatically detected and changed, even while the pitch is being adjusted.

Dual Waveform Generator

The module provides two independent digital oscillator channels whose frequency, phase, amplitude and offset are adjustable. The frequency range extends from > 4kHz down to 0.01Hz. The oscillators have sine, square, sawtooth and triangle waves, and the output of each channel is shown in the display. In "Note Mode" the frequency selection for both oscillators is available independently. Frequency (1V/octave) and amplitude (digital VCA) can be controlled via CV. Thanks to flexible CV routing, any input socket of the Mordax DATA Black can be assigned to a target.

Dual Clock Source, Clock Divider, Clock Multiplier

Mordax DATA Black can be synchronized externally as well as using an internal clock. The double clock outputs can be a multiple (Clock Multiplication) or a fraction (Clock Division) of the main clock. Currently possible values are: x32, x24, x16, x12, x8, x6, x4, x3, x2, 1:1, /2, /3, /4, /5, /6, /8, /12, /16, /24, /32. Further clock features include:

  • Beat Offset Shift for each clock pulse, +/- 96 steps
  • Clock Display shows the beats of the main clock and relative to it the two clock outputs, every change of the clocks is displayed in real time
  • Pulse Per Quarter Note (PPQN) of external clock signal selectable from 1 to 24
  • input jacks 1 & 2 act as "Ext Clock Sync" and "Reset" inputs during external synchronization and as "Start/Stop" and "Reset" inputs in "Internal Clock" mode
  • input jacks 3 & 4 are CV inputs that are assigned by the user; they can control for example the div/mult values and offsets of the clock outputs

Spectral Analyzer (single-FFT)

The Spectral Analyzer of Mordax DATA Black visualizes the harmonic content of one of the four incoming signals. The window function (Square/None, Hann, Bartlett, Blackman-Harris) is user selectable. The spectrum is split and analyzed using Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT).


Spectrograph (multi-FFT)

To display the change over time of the harmonic content or frequency spectrum of one of the incoming signals, the FFT is applied permanently. Each pixel column along the X axis corresponds to one frame of the spectrum analyzer.

Mordax DATA Black at a glance:

  • Oscilloscope, tuner, waveform generator, clock tool, voltage monitor & source, spectral analyzer and more
  • 2.8" colour display
  • Firmware updateable via connected microSD card
  • 4x CV control inputs, AC or DC coupled
  • 4x buffered through jacks
  • 4x outputs for CV, audio, trigger or gate signals
  • 8x control buttons
  • 1x menu button
  • 1x rotary control


Superbooth 2019 Mordax Data

Mordax DATA


  • Manufacturer: Mordax
  • TE / HP: 16
  • Depth (mm): 35
  • + 12 V (mA): 250
  • - 12 V (mA): 60
Mordax DATA Multi-Function Module (Black) Product ImageMordax DATA Multi-Function Module (Black)
£ 414.00
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£ 418.00
£ 347.00
£ 414.00
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