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Schott Music Das Buch der Weihnachtslieder

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The book of Christmas carols with 160 German Advent and Christmas carols from old and new times. The songbook contains easy-...  All product info

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Product information - Schott Music The Book of Christmas Songs

Revised edition 2018

The book of Christmas carols with 160 German Advent and Christmas carols from old and new times. The songbook contains easy-to-play piano or organ movements, chord symbols for guitar accompaniment and background information on the Christmas songs.


  • The Church Songs of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times
  • Shepherd's pieces and crib songs
  • Martin Luther and the Protestant Christmas Carol
  • Rural relocation songs
  • Christmas domestic music of the 19th century
  • Youth movement and Christmas song
  • Singing under the "Jultanne"
  • Advent and Christmas songs in kindergarten and school
  • The marketing of the Christmas carol
  • Renewal attempts since 1945
  • List of sources and bibliographies
  • Alphabetical list of songs: Ach lieber Herre Jesu Christ
  • Advent, Advent, a little light is burning
  • Every year
  • As I watch over my sheep
  • When Jesus came to earth.
  • When Jesus Christ was born
  • As Emperor Augustus.
  • So God loves the bad world
  • The lights are on at the Christmas tree
  • Come on, come on! Your boys
  • Up, up, you shepherds, don't sleep so long now.
  • Up, you shepherds, from sleep
  • Up, up, up, you Imperial Comrades!
  • The wind is blowing on that mountain
  • Augustus, Cyrenius, the Roman Lords
  • Soon it will be Christmas time
  • Brother, I'm going with you too.
  • baby Jesus
  • Christum we shall praise already
  • Whom the shepherds praise
  • He was born of a maid
  • The Christmas tree is the most beautiful tree
  • Who you made the world
  • The Saviour is born
  • The morning star has penetrated
  • The Sunnwendmann
  • The day is so joyful
  • The wind blows cold
  • Winter is a right man
  • The holy three kings with their star
  • The night has penetrated
  • The stars in the sky are dreaming
  • Thunder and tremors
  • Up there from the mountain
  • Three kings wander from the Orient
  • Three kings lead divine hand
  • You fire, fly into every house
  • You dear, holy, pious Christian
  • An angel came to Mary
  • A child born at Bethlehem
  • An apple, a round one.
  • Rejoice, heaven
  • Encourage yourself, my weak spirit
  • The Maien are blooming
  • Three roses bloom on a twig
  • There flew a Täublein white
  • A little bird flew quietly
  • It had opened up
  • It's a Ros's sprung.
  • A time has arrived for us
  • There came a merciful night
  • There comes a ship, loaded
  • There's a strange child running.
  • In the field lay the shepherds
  • There were three angels singing
  • There stands a 'Lind' in the kingdom of heaven
  • It was sung by three angels
  • It's gonna be dark in a minute.
  • Rock-hard Bethlehemites
  • Rejoice, earth and starry tent
  • Let my heart jump with joy
  • Merry Christmas everywhere
  • Merry Christmas, let's sing!
  • Geborn is a child to us
  • Hail Mary, Hail Mary!
  • Hail Mary, Hail Mary!
  • Praise be to you, Jesus Christ.
  • God's son is 'coming
  • Great and lofty is God's name
  • Green fields, green meadows
  • Good day, shepherds.
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Holy night!
  • The song of praise resounds brightly
  • Come, O believers!
  • High Night of the Clear Stars
  • I broke three scrawny little journeys
  • I thank God and rejoice
  • I'm standing here at your crib.
  • I want to give the jailbird a present.
  • You shepherds, wake up!
  • You little kids, come on.
  • Your clear seraphim
  • Dear Christians, rejoice now
  • In dulci jubilo
  • In a dark hour
  • In the middle of the night
  • Joseph, my dear Joseph.
  • Ringing, bell, bell ringing
  • Come, you shepherds.
  • Come here, you children, sing well
  • Come and let us honor Christum
  • Let us weigh the little child
  • Let us be glad and cheerful
  • The snow trickles quietly
  • Sweet nightingale, wake up!
  • Praise God, Christians, all equal
  • Get up the door!
  • Magnum nomen Domini
  • Some children are yellow
  • Sometimes I think there's no Christmas.
  • Maria went through a thorn forest
  • Sea star, I greet you!
  • My spirit lifts up my lord to the gentlemen.
  • My soul', O Lord, must praise thee
  • With seriousness, o human children
  • Tomorrow, children, there'll be something
  • Santa Claus is coming tomorrow.
  • Now come, the pagan saviour.
  • O beginning without end!
  • O Christkindlein
  • Oh, you cheerful
  • O joy over joy
  • O Saviour, tear up the heavens
  • O holy child, we greet you
  • O Jesulein tender
  • O Virgin tender, Mary beautiful
  • O shepherds, run!
  • O blessed night!
  • O fir tree, you wear a green branch
  • O fir tree, how green your leaves are
  • Quem pastores laudavere
  • Resonet in laudibus
  • Sage, where's Bethlehem?
  • Saint Nicholas come to our house
  • Sleep well, you heavenly boy you
  • snowflakes, white skirts
  • Be welcome, Lord Christ
  • Singet fresh and cheerful
  • Doesn't matter anymore
  • Stephan was a servant in the stable.
  • Star over Bethlehem
  • Quiet, quiet, quiet
  • Silent night! Holy night!
  • Sweeter the bells never ring
  • Daughter Zion
  • "Comfort, comfort", says the Lord
  • And our dear women
  • A little child is born to us
  • I'm coming from the sky up there
  • From heaven high, O angels come
  • From heaven came the angel crowd
  • If you were, child, in Kashubian country.
  • What's that supposed to mean?
  • Christmas opens the doors
  • Christmas time is now approaching
  • Who knocks on the door
  • How beautifully the morning star shines
  • How shall I receive you
  • We Christians are now friends.
  • We await, Christian, in dark times.
  • We therefore come from the Orient
  • We're not looking for you.
  • We enter
  • Remember how it happened?
  • Born in Bethlehem
  • A homemade star
  • The Song of Giving
  • Christmas time is coming again
  • Little Star of Bethlehem
  • The poinsettia
  • Christmas is for me, too.
  • In the Christmas bakery
  • Santa Claus, put on your boots.
  • Rudolf's reindeer stomach pains


  • Manufacturer: Schott Music
  • Genre: Various genres
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Medium: Music book
  • Language: German
  • Difficulty: Light (2)
  • Arrangement: Piano and Vocals
  • With Sheet Music: Yes
  • With Tabulature: No
  • CD: No
  • DVD: No
  • Download: No
  • Number of Pages: 304
  • Publisher: Ingeborg Weber-Kellermann
  • Editor: Hilger Schallehn
  • Qualities 1: Hardcover
  • Publishing Number: ED 7061
  • ISBN: 978-3-7957-2061-2
  • ISMN: 979-0-001-07411-7
Schott Music Das Buch der Weihnachtslieder Product ImageSchott Music Das Buch der Weihnachtslieder
£ 24.90

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