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Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15

Item: REC0011167-000
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Stereo tube distortion in 19" rack format with 'Drive' switch, 'Function' switch and 'Presence' switch  All product info

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Product information - Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15 balanced

Stereo saturation tool with tube circuit

  • Unique audio signal processing
  • Classic Thermionic Culture Vulture design
  • Indented controls for easy customization
  • More features than standard Culture Vulture
    • Drive function with 15 levels
    • Function switch for T, P1-5 and SQ1-3 setting
    • Presence function
  • Transformer-balanced inputs and outputs thanks to specially developed transformers
  • 19" device with 2U installation height
  • Inputs: 2x 6.3mm jack, 2x XLR 3-pin
  • Outputs: 2x XLR 3-pin

Subtle or dramatic

The Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15 is a Stereo tube distortion unit that can be used to acoustically distort input signals from gentle to nasty. The"balanced" version of the Culture Vulture Super 15 has balanced outputs as well as balanced inputs.


The drive settings are located on the outer sides of the Vulture Super 15. These include not only the control knob but also a switch located under the potentiometer. The amount of signal fed to the second tube is controlled via Drive. It should be noted that this control is ideally used in conjunction with the output level control to keep the overall level where it should be. The Drive control is divided into 15 stages and the switch has three engagement options. The first is "Normal" mode, which makes the frequency response flat. Switch position "+10" causes the signal to be amplified by 10dB. Only in this position will the presence setting work later. If the switch is set to Overdrive, the signal is 28dB above normal and is well suited for extreme distortion effects at line levels, but also for guitars or other sources with a low level.

The output level controls the signal that is sent to the device's Output. It is also set on the Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15 via a rotary potentiometer and a switch located directly next to the potentiometer. In extreme settings, the output level can be pre-attenuated using the switchable -10dB pad.

To make the sound thinner or thicker, the device has a bias rotary control. This changes the current that is passed through the pentode. The voltage in the cathode changes, which is also visually displayed in milliamperes on the pointer meter. If the control is set to 1, less current is conducted, which makes the sound thinner. If, on the other hand, the current is too high, the sound becomes thicker. It should be noted, however, that continuous operation of 0.6mA or more will shorten the life of the tube.

The function controls of the Vulture Super 15 have been extended by several settings compared to the first model. A total of ten options are now available to influence the circuitry of the device. Setting T results in a triode circuit, whereas P1 switches to a pentode circuit, resulting in a harsh band saturation. PK1 to PK5 allow a unique form of midrange boost through a sharp filter via bias. SQ1 brings a highly distorted type of P1 and SQ2 is an even more extreme version of this (comparable to P2 on the standard Culture Vulture). The SQ3 setting brings total Distortion madness.

In addition to these features, the Culture Vulture Super 15 also has a filter switch that activates a low pass filter, which cuts frequencies above 5kHz and up to 6dB, thus reducing the harshness of the signal.

Finally, there is a bypass switch on the front of the device. If bypass is activated, the line input is connected directly to the line output and the electrical system of the tube distortion unit switches off.


  • Manufacturer: Thermionic Culture
  • Amplifier principle: Tube
  • Format: 19"
  • Character: Colouring
  • Saturation effect: Tube
  • Transformer balanced: In & Output
  • Transformer manufacturer: Custom
  • Multi-band: No
Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15 Product ImageThermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15
£ 3,220.00

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