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Wersi SONIC Keyboard OAX1 High Gloss White

Item: KEY0004554-000
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The Wersi Sonic OAX1 White is a flagship digital arranger keyboard with a large number of modern features and classic sounds.  All product info

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Wersi SONIC Keyboard OAX1 Black Metallic

Wersi SONIC Keyboard OAX1 Black Metallic Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Wersi
  • Construction / Number of Keys: 76
  • Keyboard: semi-weighted
  • Hammer Action: No
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • ...
£ 6,883.00
£ 6,883.00
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Product information - WERSI SONIC OAX1

Professional Arranger Keyboard/Organ in Mother of Pearl White

The WERSI SONIC OAX1 Keyboard offers you all the capabilities of the OAX system in a compact package and at a super price!

Famous predecessor

The ABACUS KS1 was the world's first keyboard to include a complete Windows PC, setting new standards. The new OAX1 BK continues the way and shows itself as a modern and innovative keyboard. The current Windows 11 operating system, the fast processor, the intuitive operation and the certainty of being prepared for the future.

76-key deluxe keyboard

The high-quality 76-key keyboard allows you to distribute up to 16 tones on the keyboard. You can add the finishing touches to the timbres via sophisticated dynamics and Aftertouch.

Real-time operation

During the development of the SONIC OAX1, special emphasis was placed on simple and direct operations. A large number of controls, their logical arrangement and the 13.3" touch display make operation child's play. The volumes of the manuals and the accompaniment tracks can be changed at any time by convenient drawbars. So you always have direct access even while playing.

Variable drawbar sounds with the OX7 and VB3

The sound of sine drawbars will always be associated with names like Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert or Jimmy Smith, who have given this sound an unmistakable identity with their typical playing style. Vary the organ sound in real-time using the 9 drawbars (Upper/Right) and 7 drawbars (Lower/Left).

Great sound

Experience the unique sound of the OAX system via the integrated speaker system with a power amplifier output of 2 x 60 watts sine.

WERSI SONIC OAX1 Mother of Pearl White


Expand the OAX1 with a matching keyboard stand

Or expand the OAX1 to a two-manual organ

Put together the keyboard of your dreams:

Additional manual with 76 keys

Keyboard standard stand - Keyboard Deluxe stand

Volume pedal - Bass pedal 17-keys - Bench 70cm

Or choose here directly your new OAX1 keyboard organ -> OAX1 Deluxe - Set

What is special about all Wersi instruments?

The future is now called OAX!

Through the use of the latest technologies, the results of consistent further development and intensive market observation, the models of the WERSI OAX series have been created. With these instruments, WERSI once again raises the bar of what is technically possible. The now complete control of the entire system via software allows flexibility previously undreamed of and not achieved by other manufacturers.

Constant further development

OAX instruments are among the first musical instruments ever to be expandable not only in sound and function via software. This also means that you can add completely new features and functions to the instrument via software.

Thus, even after years of software updates, an OAX instrument always remains at the cutting edge of development. And even now a team of developers is working on their further development every day.

Read more here...

The EASY PLAY concept

After switching on the instrument, only the most important controls are displayed. And everything in the same way as it is found on the instrument. At the top first the Total Preset, with which you can change everything with one keystroke. Then the Upper Manual, below that the Lower Manual, and at the very bottom Bass and Accompaniment. Tap a tone on the control panel and a page opens with the corresponding instruments. And just like on a modern smartphone, you can "slide" the stops.

You will be amazed that in EASY-MODE you can operate the SONIC without a manual! Simply great to use and you enjoy the great sound of the instruments without having to laboriously fight through large instruction manuals.

The PROFI Mode

Of course, you can also switch the instrument to professional mode if you want to layer more than three sounds. Then everything becomes more extensive - but is still no witchcraft.

The PROFI Mode allows you to distribute up to 16 tones to the manuals and many other setting possibilities. In the Soundpool area you can always see how many tones you can still distribute to the manuals.

WERSI Drawbars

Admittedly, nothing feels better than the drawbars of an organ! That "rich" feeling when you pull them out... that simply thrills every organ fan. With the WERSI OX7 you play the classic WERSI sound.

VB3 Drawbar

Via the WERSI VB3 you are very close to the old electromechanical sound: Yes it is the sound of the old mechanical sound wheels! Pull out one drawbar after the other and then switch the rotor to Slow or Fast - the sound will knock you off your stool or better ... off the organ bench!

SILBERMANN church organ from 1742

Since 1742 it has been sounding in the Zöblitz town church: the organ of the great Freiberg master Gottfried Silbermann (1683 -1753).

Silbermann received the same amount for the organ in Zöblitz as for many organs of this size: 800 Taler, but in addition he received 2 Taler 18 Groschen for himself and 4 Taler tip for his journeymen.

You can also play this unique historical church organ on your OAX instrument.


The first portable organ from the Italian manufacturer FARFISA, was the Compact series, released in 1964.

The red Compact Combo organ was the star of the series and was used in many bands.

Via the integrated effects you give the sound the final touch.

The effects chorus, echo, scanner vibrato, rotor and an amplifier are available.

Unique WERSI timbres

It's not just the large Display and ease of use that make the Sonic so impressive. It's the great sounds made possible by newly developed audio boards. Listen to the brass, the convincing grand piano, the choirs, the great strings with huge kettle drums in the low key range. The many cutting-edge synthesizer sounds that are usually only found on the most expensive synthesizers. And of course the fascinating organ sounds that can be operated via drawbars. What a treat to slowly pull them out and enjoy the change in organ sound. You can control special sound effects via the After Touch function, which is available on both manuals on the SONIC. Control e.g. the Vibrato of the pan flute by lightly after touching the key. Open the filter on synthesizer timbres or turn your trumpets into fantastic shake trumpets. You can't describe this - you just have to feel it.

Fixed Drawbar Tones

In addition to the variable drawbar systems, there are over 100 timbres of the legendary WERSI models from earlier times.

These include the analogue instruments like Helios and Galaxis, with the famous Klaus Wunderlich sound, drawbar timbres of the DX series and of course the drawbar timbres of the Spectra and Atlantis from the WERSI CD series.

Fantastic grand piano sounds

Experience the natural and unmistakable sound of a great concert grand piano, whose variety of sounds covers all musical genres such as classical, jazz, musical and pop. So that you can achieve the entire sound spectrum from gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, 6 dynamic layers plus an additional soundboard with a memory size of 1 gigabyte are available. An absolute grand piano experience on the new WERSI SONIC!

The tone colours of the electric pianos range from old Rhodes to modern electric pianos. Choose a soft, bell-like electric piano with a great chorus effect for a ballad or a groovy electric piano with the right groove for a pop song.

You can also achieve particularly impressive sound experiences by mixing a grand piano with a modern electric piano.

Integrated synthesizer

A professional and very flexible synthesizer has been integrated into the WERSI SONIC. All important synthesis forms like analogue, with three oscillators, the wavetable synthesis and the FM-Synthese are available. In addition, these synthesis forms can be mixed with each other and can still be expanded with samples. With over 50 effects, such as distortion, echo, chorus, filter or a compressor, the timbres get the final touch. This way, fat analogue brass, monophonic lead sounds, pad and motion sounds up to complex synth/electronic sounds are created. A total of over 400 modern synth tones are available. The integrated Arpeggiator automatically turns the pressed chord into complex tone sequences. By the way, the Arpeggiator always adopts the current tempo. So you can create fantastic soundscapes to a running dance style.

Fabulous strings

Whether moving film music, sophisticated classical compositions or emotional ballads - here you will find a symphony orchestra and a chamber orchestra with strings, brass and woodwinds and fantastic orchestral percussion at the touch of a button.

The tedious compilation of individual timbres is no longer necessary - finally you can concentrate on the essentials.

You will conduct and play your SONIC orchestra with much joy and enthusiasm!

Realistic choirs

The SONIC offers extremely realistic and expressive choir timbres. With the jazzy scat vocal timbres, your swing tracks will be a special experience. Or use the classical choirs, which can be wonderfully combined with the fantastic strings to create a very special sound.

A church organ with the Agnus Dei choir will add a special sparkle to your Christmas music.

Or modern pop vocals for the currently popular current titles! In the SONIC you will find the right choir for your music.

Real accordion sounds

As soon as you select Accordion Live, an original - accordion register bar appears in Display. Switch from one register to the other, you will also hear the original switch click. And then the sounds! Unbelievable! All common accordion sounds can be found.

Real sonorous Hohner Morino sounds, the beautiful double octave sound (4 feet with 16 feet) or a great sounding Supita accordion. In the famous French musette accordion, the individual choruses are slightly out of tune with each other, producing the lively floating musette sound. This makes it possible to play French accordion chansons or the world-famous Styrian button accordion sounds very effectively. The Alpina accordion fits especially well to alpine music.

Furthermore, many fixed accordion tones are stored for all music directions.

SONIC Accompaniment Band

The SONIC accompaniment band works with a special transposition of the played chords. The result is musically outstanding and sounds fantastic.

But just as important for their band are the sound colours. The incredibly realistic drum grooves (realdrums) are real drum beats, recorded and saved in the recording studio with many microphones.

What would a backing band be without acoustic guitars, electric guitars and an electric piano. Or get a brass section in your own band. With a WERSI SONIC all this is possible.

With paid extension packages you have the possibility to convert styles of other manufacturers into the WERSI OAX format. So you have a wide range of styles at your disposal.

Style player: 370 factory styles, 150 of them with Live realdrums. Four STS presets are stored for each factory Style. Select a Style and via the STS presets you play directly with the matching timbres.

USER STS-Presets: Four own STS-Presets can be stored for each factory Style and all self-invited styles, MIDI sequences and audio files.

Harmony recognition: Single finger WERSI, Easy Mode 1 and 2, Chord Mode, Chord Mode with Bass, Interval Mode, Organist Mode, Pedal Mode, Piano Mode

MIDI Player: Plays General MIDI sequences; volumes of the 16 channels can be stored in Total Presets.

Multimedia Player: The Multimedia Player plays all common audio formats.

Audio Recording: Audio Recording allows you to record your playing directly and save it in Wave format.

ACC Database: Style/MIDI/Mp3/Wave database with management function of up to 5000 custom files.

Companion volume

Wersi accompanying band

The VST Host

What many manufacturers can't do at all and what some of them can only do with additional and expensive Hardware, the OAX system can do directly - the integration of VST PlugIns! Even WERSI factory PlugIns can be "rewired"! For example, you can detach the drums of the auto-accompaniment from the factory plug-in, and route this sound through an effects plug-in.

No other area in the field of music software has expanded as quickly in recent years as the range of VST instruments. In the meantime, a multitude of programs is available for every musical style. The timbres of the loaded VST instruments can be used on the manuals, as well as for sequences and styles if the plug-in can generate several timbres simultaneously.

State-of-the-art hardware and software

A new audio board with excellent technical data was developed for the OAX system.

This results in the clear and warm sound of the organ. WINDOWS 11 64bit and the powerful PC components like a strong CPU, fast 32GB RAM and the M.2 SSD hard disk are the basis for a modern and future-oriented musical instrument.

We will not leave you alone!

Do you have a specific question about your OAX instrument? Or have you adjusted something and can't get any further?

No problem: Our service staff can connect to your instrument via the Internet. This way, questions can be answered quickly and operating errors can be corrected quickly.

VOCALIS loudspeaker system in white or black high gloss.

In addition to the internal speaker system, you can connect the VOCALIS speakers. The WERSI Vocalis speakers are characterized by a homogeneous character with a tendency to brilliance.

The mids are well drawn and in the bass range the speaker seems calm and balanced. Due to the ribbon transducers in the high-frequency range, the user receives an absolutely high-resolution monitoring signal, which perfectly reproduces the transients in the midrange and treble spectrum without ever being obtrusive, as is, unfortunately, the case with many other competing systems.

VOCALIS White High Gloss

VOCALIS Black High Gloss


  • Manufacturer: Wersi
  • Construction / Number of Keys: 76
  • Keyboard: semi-weighted
  • Hammer Action: No
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • Sound Generation: Digital
  • Style Arranger: Yes
  • Arpeggiator: No
  • Aftertouch: Yes
  • Adjustable Velocity Curve: Yes
  • Number of Faders: 12
  • Number of Knobs: 1
  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Pitchbend and Modwheel
  • Display: Yes, Touch
  • USB MIDI Interface: No
  • Headphone Connection: Yes
  • Sustain Pedal Connection: No
  • Mounting Options: Audio Recorder
  • Sampler: No
  • Storage Media: Hard Drive
  • Speakers: Yes
  • MIDI Interface: Yes
  • LINE IN: Yes
  • LINE OUT: Yes
  • Microphone Input: Yes
  • CC Pedal Connection: No
  • Volume Pedal Connection: Yes
  • incl. Power Adapter: Internal power supply
  • Pedal included: No
  • Weight (kg): 24
  • Lyric / Score Function: Yes
  • Vocal Harmonizer: No
  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
  • Number of Sounds: 1500
  • Number of Styles: 350
  • Polyphony: 512
  • Keyboard Split: Yes
  • Power Supply: Adapter, internal
  • Width (cm): 122
  • Height (cm): 18
  • Depth (cm): 46.5
  • Amplifier Output (Watt): 2 x 50
  • Vorteil: Fernwartung über Internet
Wersi SONIC Keyboard OAX1 High Gloss White Product ImageWersi SONIC Keyboard OAX1 High Gloss White
£ 6,883.00
£ 6,883.00
£ 6,883.00
£ 4,305.00
£ 3,599.00

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