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ADAM Audio - A-Series


The new ADAM Audio A-Series stands for uncompromisingly precise and transparent sound reproduction. The A-Series offers five different models - A4V, A7V, A44H, A77H and A8H: all of them are developed for a wide range of applications. These mainly include professional and home recording studios, but also broadcast, installation and home audio.

The new series offers smart and useful innovations, including ADAM Audio's rotatable HPS waveguide, as well as DSP-based features to adapt to individual room acoustics and listening habits. All settings can be remotely controlled in real time via remote software. Upgradeable firmware ensures that A-Series studio monitors will continue to meet ADAM Audio's current standards over the long term. An extendable warranty period of up to five years and a customer-oriented support offer ensure optimal usability of the studio monitors for many years.