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The perfect match at first sight! Bose S1 Pro with Sub1 or Sub2

The new Bose Sub 1 and Sub 2 subwoofers have a sleek design and powerful bass. This is thanks to the unique RaceTrack driver design. The unique shape of the driver compared to a conventional subwoofer allows the cabinet to be slimmer without compromising sound. This gives you more space in the car and on stage, and makes transport - into the car and from the car to the venue - much easier.

For a perfect PA set-up, however, you still need a suitable loudspeaker. This is where the Bose S1 Pro system comes in as the perfect partner. Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA users, the S1 Pro system can be used as a top unit, floor monitor or primary music system. Weighing just 6.8kg, the portable and rugged S1 Pro system is very light and can be transported effortlessly using the convenient carry handle.

That's why the perfect Bose PA match is now available from us:

For the perfect match, Bose provides a matching set-up video guide